A stable partnership due to many mergers

Language Partners is a relatively young company (2008) but with a long provenance. Our roots go way back and stem from all sectors of society. Various organisations have merged and been integrated into Language Partners, combining all expertise and experience.


Founded as the ITA Institute for Languages in 1969, this Amsterdam company quickly became well-known for its special expertise in the ‘financial services’, ‘trade’ and ‘industry’ sectors. In 2006, ITA merged with Talencentrum The Hague / Rotterdam.

Talencentrum The Hague

Talencentrum The Hague was founded in 1985. As with almost all service providers from this area, the government was one of this language institute’s key clients. Talencentrum The Hague also provides the language training for many financial service providers and large enterprises like Shell, Centocor and BHP Billiton also had their language training provided by Talencentrum The Hague.

Talencentrum Rotterdam

Talencentrum Rotterdam (1995) quickly grew to be the language trainer for the Port of Rotterdam. Its ‘transport’, ‘industry’ and ‘engineering’ sector knowledge (each with its own professional jargon) was very much valued.


Feedback had its roots in Amsterdam. Founded in 1984, this language institute soon built a reputation as an excellent language trainer, particularly for ‘legal services’, ‘foodstuffs’ and ‘accountancy’. In 2008, Feedback merged with ITA Talencentrum, and the two companies continued under the name of Language Partners.


Aristo (2001) attracted attention from the first day because of its extraordinary vision of teaching methods and quality assurance. Small- and medium-sized businesses in particular quickly found their way to this remarkable Amersfoort-based bureau. In 2006, Aristo merged with Feedback Talen.

Language Partners

Language Partners (1985) from Rotterdam was primarily known as a specialist in legal language training. In 2004, Language Partners merged with Feedback and became Feedback Talen.

Franglais Language Services

Franglais was founded in The Hague in 1996. This language centre quickly developed into a language specialist much in demand in the financial services and real estate sectors. Translations and language training for children were also part of Franglais core business.


The ITH was formed in Zwolle in 1984. Over the years, it specialised as a language trainer with excellent understanding of the industrial sector. Many technical companies (such as DSM and Akzo Nobel) therefore opted for ITH.


The Nijmegen-based company Eurolinguist (1984) is famous for its particular expertise in the field of intensive language training. Primarily due to its total immersion programmes (an extremely intensive course), Eurolinguist is an excellent alternative to other well-known firms.

Capital Language Services

Capital Language Services (CLS) has been offering customized language courses since 1996 and are the experts in language training for the financial services industry. CLS is held in high esteem by its clients and in the last decade CLS has achieved a consistently high score of 98% in the customer satisfaction survey conducted by CEDEO, an independent approval authority.