Language Partners Academy; vakopleiding voor trainers

Language Partners Academy; professional training for trainers

Our professional training for language trainers

At Language Partners, we place high demands on our language trainers. The quality of Language Partners language training is to a large extent determined by the quality of our trainers [1]. Their knowledge must be up to date. Not only their knowledge of the target language, but also of teaching methods, the sectors [2] and the various different communication methods.

Permanent Promotion of expertise

Language Partners maintains a strict ‘selection at the gate’ policy. Each language trainer must be a graduate or otherwise qualified and possess practical experience in at least one business sector. Moreover, Language Partners actively and structurally promotes on the permanent promotion of expertise among its trainers. This is why the Language Partners Academy was founded. It is the first full teacher training facility for non-subsidised professional training.

A carefully-planned series of modules, each with their own certificates

Our trainers can choose from a large number of modules to update and enhance their knowledge of specific professional fields. Trainers receive a certificate upon completion of each module taken at the Language Partners Academy.

The learning modules at the Language Partners Academy

  • Sector-specific knowledge
    New themes in the financial world. New Legal developments. General business themes, etc.
  • Themes
    Special skills. Effective reporting. Feedback techniques. Dealing with language levels. Telephone use, etc.
  • Teaching methods
    Special training focused on language training in practice. Improving the students’ level of comfort.
  • Language Partners On-line. The Internet offers a wide range of training formats, also called E–Learning.
  • Special target groups
    Language and cultural training for expats. New teaching methods for children’s language training etc.
  • Cambridge training and exams
    All the well-known language exams and language level assesments are covered. What exactly do BULATS and BEC involve? Language Partners uses the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Unique in the Netherlands

The 350 language trainers at Language Partners also regularly follow training sessions themselves. Teaching methods are prominent in the curriculum, as well as presentation techniques, new media and of course sector-specific training. Our own educational institute, the Language Partners Academy, is unique in the Netherlands. It guarantees the continuous promotion of expertise and for the permanent high quality of our language training.