The statement behind Always a Pleasure

Language Partners has its own business philosophy. Below you will find more information about the most important components: our mission, vision, ambitions, method and core values. 

The mission

Language Partners is a modern language training company for the business market. Our services are underpinned by the mission statement “Always a Pleasure”. This means quality without stress, value for money and optimal flexibility due to blended learning.

The vision

Language Partners has a definite vision. Language training only takes effect if you follow it with pleasure. Only then do you develop a sense of well-being and allow input from the training sessions to take root and flourish. Pleasure and well-being lead to self-confidence in using the language and thereby gaining optimum results from the language training.

The ambitions

Language Partners wishes to expand to become a major European player. We invest a great deal of time and money in improving the quality of our products because we wish to set the European standard for B-to-B language training. In doing this, we aim to serve our customer base even better – government, corporations and the larger small and midcap  companies.

The method

Language Partners strives for a healthy balance between the communicative method and the lexical approach. The teaching method at Language Partners is therefore focused on practical application. Our focus lies more on ‘know-how’ than on ‘knowledge’.

Pleasure, comfort and self-confidence

Language training is only effective if it is pleasurable. If you enjoy your training, you feel more and more comfortable, which enables you to get the hang of things more quickly. The language trainers at Language Partners have turned these key concepts – pleasure, comfort and self-confidence – into an art form. With a balanced training programme, they can  guarantee good results.