Why do companies choose Language Partners? Or better still: why has Language Partners had such a good relationship with so many companies for so many years? There are a number of good reasons.

Learning with pleasure

Language Partners is well known as a well-organised language institute. Our students – more than 4.000 per year – receive high-quality language training for a reasonable price. Quality without cares. Value for Money. With the aid of state-of-the-art teaching materials. So you can take as much pleasure in learning as possible. This is the best way for learning material to take root.

Personal attention/approach from enthusiastic people

Our trainers form an enthusiastic team of passionate professionals. They are supported in this by a very customer-friendly back office. All the people at Language Partners really have a passion for their work. This is reflected in the compliments in the final evaluations we receive from our clients.

Knowledge of your sector

All our language trainers have an affinity with one or more sectors. Over 20 in total. Your sector will surely be included. This means that you will be able to improve your professional jargon at Language Partners. As a result, you will have even more self-confidence when using the language.

Flexibility and customisation in precisely the right form

Language Partners is flexible. Our language training can be followed in many ways: face to face, in-company or at one of our branches. With your PC, via Language Partners On-line. Via podcasts. Or long-distance learning via the web. Wherever you are in the world. We call this Blended Learning. Language Partners is a special and above all flexible language company ensuring that language learning is “Always a Pleasure” for you.

Van Dale Taaltrainingen

Van Dale Taaltrainingen

Joint venture with Van Dale

Language Partners and Van Dale jointly organise the Van Dale language training courses. We also offer, for example, all the NT1 courses (Dutch for Dutch natives). Some of the themes of our concise and practical Van Dale language training courses include Correct Dutch, Clear business writing and Business correspondence. You may choose the location and the type of course. It may be a customised course or open registration or it may be individual or in a group, face-to-face or with blended learning. In addition to these courses we also offer Van Dale language training courses in Business Dutch for non-natives and Business English courses with open registration.

Akteos cultuurtrainingen

Akteos, our partner in cultural training courses

To successfully live and work in a foreign country you not only need to learn the language but also learn about that country’s culture. Akteos offers specific country training courses as well as cross cultural management courses. And thanks to the Nomad network you can have contact with more than 170 consultants worldwide who can teach you the necessary tips and tricks. The Language Partners and Akteos partnership goes that step further and provides combined language and culture training courses, thus offering everything you need in the one place.

International network

Internationally Language Partners works in conjunction with renowned language institutes in Belgium, France, Denmark and Great Britain. We exchange knowledge and experiences about training methods and invest jointly in the latest technologies and developments.

You benefit from this, and students who move to one of these countries can seamlessly continue training started at one of these allied institutes.

Do you need even more reasons to follow language training with Language Partners?

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