Our professional quality is recognised

The quality mark is a guarantee of excellence. Language Partners is proud that our language training is recognised by many leading agencies. The demands are high, and the checks are strict. This keeps Language Partners sharp and provides our clients with the reassurance that they are receiving language training from recognised professionals. Do you have any further questions about certification?

Ask our account managers here.

ISO 9001:2015Certiked ISO

The quality management system at Language Partners meets all the requirements for the ISO 9001:2015 standards. Consequently, as of April 2017, our certificate has been extended for another three years.

CEDEO: Indispensable for an HR Service ProviderCedeo_openCedeo_maatwerk

CEDEO is the independent inspection authority that assures and measures the quality of human resources service providers. Both customised business training and open business training are strictly checked by CEDEO. Every two years, CEDEO carries out a customer satisfaction review among buyers of training and other HR services for trade and industry, the government and the non-profit sector. Companies are certified according to these results. Are you curious about the CEDEO Report on Language Partners? You can download a summary of the 2010 CEDEO report here.

KNB Royal Notarial Professional Organisation (KNB)KNB_logo

The legal language training provided by Language Partners has received official recognition from KNB. For students, you will receive study points for our language training which counts towards the (degree) qualifications offered by full-time educational establishments.


Lawyers earn education points if they follow legal language training with Language Partners. Language Partners has been a NOvA-recognised educational institute for many years.

NBA-erkende opleidingNBA The Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants

Part of the permanent education of accountants comprises language training with Language Partners. We are a NBA-recognised language institute.

NRTO, The Dutch Board for training and education.Nederlandse Raad voor Training en Opleiding

The NRTO is the professional association that covers all private training and education institutes in The Netherlands. The NRTO also plays an important part in putting private training on the agenda in the Netherlands. The NTRO is an obvious conversation partner for politics, ministries, educational parties, social organisations and the media. Language Partners is, of course, a member of the platform.

Terms and Conditions NRTO>>

Code of Conduct Business to Business NRTO>>