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Are you the New Trainer we are looking for? The trainer who knows what “70:20:10” and “flipping the classroom” are and who also knows how to apply these principles while training? The trainer who not only is committed to quality and professionalism but who also remains professional while making learning a pleasure? Then we would love to see your CV!

Not just anyone can become a Language Trainer at Language Partners. In addition to having the right qualifications, your teaching skills are also extremely important. And demonstrable, practical experience in providing customized B2B language training is absolutely essential. Furthermore, you must be willing to take introductory courses and workshops at our training institute, the Language Partners Academy.

Feeling enthused?

There’s just one more thing to check before sending us your CV. Check below that you fulfil the basic criteria for this position. In case of doubt, pick up the phone and call 088 – 02 88 000 or send a mail to our HR Department at

Would you like to work as a translator for Language Partners? Then send your CV to

What do we expect of you?

What do we expect of you?

  1. You are a specialist, experienced and quality-driven.
  2. You have a professional appearance and are creative and precise.
  3. You are enthusiastic about “The New Teaching” and know how to adapt the form and content of a training course to the modern learning needs of the contemporary trainee.

What else do we think is important?

  1. You are a native speaker.
  2. You have completed an appropriate language training course.
  3. Through your work experience outside of the linguistic sector, you know what our customers need.

What can you expect from us

What can you expect from us?

  1. You will receive varied assignments from reputable clients.
  2. You will work for an organization that appreciates the power of innovation and that offers you professional administrative support.
  3. You can work for an organization that pays special attention to the development of your expertise and provides you with the facilities to do just that.

Urgent vacancies


  • Freelance English teachers
  • Freelance German teachers
  • Freelance teachers Dutch as a second language

Why work for Language Partners?

Read here why language trainers work for Language Partners:

JoJo (teacher English): ‘I love my job. It’s wonderful to be able to share my mother
tongue and help people to express themselves more fluently, accurately, confidently, professionally and effectively. Coaching, encouraging and challenging students and watching their progress session by session is enormously stimulating and satisfying. I also love the independence, flexibility, freedom and room for creativity this work offers. Being a language trainer at LP suits me down to the ground!’

VirginiaVirginia (teacher English): ‘Working at Language Partners has not only enabled me to contribute to the professional development of others but, through the LP Academy, has also supported me in expanding and building upon my own skills as a professional.’

TesselTessel (teacher English): ‘Working for LP has given me the opportunity to connect with a diverse scala of people and I am therefore able to combine my passion for teaching English and my interest in cultural awareness. I have been able to incorporate traditional as well as more contemporary methods of education, which enables for more effective education. LP provides a sphere and thus a community in which I feel comfortable to work in; the atmosphere is energetic and everyone is always prepared to help.’

NicoleAngelica (teacher Spanish): ‘I like working for LP because of the flexible hours, nice clients, relaxed atmosphere, management and team support. There is also freedom to choose teaching strategy and material.’


Ralf (teachers English): ‘Language Partners is a professional and innovative language training institute that strives to deliver quality for clients and trainers alike. The intake procedure and close interaction between the account managers, clients and trainers ensures that what is offered matches trainees’ learning needs and requirements, having a positive impact on the engagement levels of trainers. It’s very encouraging to work for an organisation that places so much emphasis on ensuring expectations are well-managed and realised. To ensure trainers kept updated with the latest innovations and methodologies in Language training, Language Partners encourages its trainers to work on their professional development by offering online and classical modules on a plethora of themes.
Above all, the motto Always a pleasure is something that Language Partners strives to realise. The back office and support staff are always there to help trainers ensure they can do their job as efficiently and comfortably as possible which has a positive impact on trainees’ satisfaction. In short – for me it’s always been a pleasure to work for Language Partners!’

Submit an application?

Do you fit the profile we are looking for, and would you like to work for Language Partners? Then submit your CV and a letter of motivation now using our online application form or submit them by e-mail to hrm@languagepartners.