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Het verschil tussen een baas en een leider

2 augustus 2022 door Paul Van Zanten
Een bekende uitspraak luidt: ‘People don’t quit a job, they quit their boss’. Hoewel de statistieken dit niet allemaal onderbouwen, heeft het een kern van waarheid. Mensen werken graag voor een organisatie die hen gelijkwaardig behandelt en hen inspireert hun best te doen. Voor bedrijven is het daarom cruciaal om managers...

FAQ – Intercultural Communication (IC)

21 juli 2022 door Paul Van Zanten
In our second article highlighting FAQs we’ll explore the most commonly searched for questions relating to intercultural communication, or IC. We were able to group the IC related FAQs into two themes, the first being leading an intercultural team.  Before we get into it, we’ll offer a quick introduction to...

Leadership Guide: Intercultural Teams, Diversity, Equity & Inclusive Cultures – Whitepaper

door Andrea Kneppers
As the world continues to become more connected and interdependent, the need for awareness, collaboration, and understanding only increases. An organisation whose executives are in the top quartile of gender diversity, is 28% more likely to financially outperform their competitors. That number only goes up when you add ethnic diversity...

Enabling equity and inclusion through your organisational culture

4 juli 2022 door Paul Van Zanten
Previously in this series on diversity, equity and inclusive cultures (DEI), we have established why it’s imperative for international businesses to adapt their approach to people and culture. We then discussed how the implementation of effective leadership and carefully considered organisational structures are great ways to start developing inclusive cultures...

How to create a sustainable structure for organisational change

25 mei 2022 door Paul Van Zanten
What kind of structure is needed for the successful integration of diversity, equity and an inclusive culture? In our first article, we started the discussion with an introduction to the growing need for DEI. Our second article brought forth the need of a strong and Inclusive leader.  Here, we will...

How to overcome the fluency gap: when you don’t speak a language well enough to explain yourself

24 mei 2022 door Paul Van Zanten
You may know it: one of those moments in a meeting when you want to make a suggestion, but you don’t speak the language well enough to explain your idea. We call this a fluency gap. Mastering a language fluently A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. Does this sound...

Do you have all the traits of an inclusive leader? A guide for managing diversity and inclusive cultures.

2 mei 2022 door Paul Van Zanten
What kind of leader is needed to implement an Inclusive culture? In this second article on diversity and inclusive culture (D&I), we will explore leadership at all levels of an organisation. Various personality traits and skills that are well suited to enabling both diversity and inclusive cultures, will be analysed...

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