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The one thing that’s forgotten when recruiting internationally

28 november 2023 door Paul Van Zanten
In the dynamic landscape of today’s global workforce, the quest for top talent often goes beyond geographical borders. We recently collaborated with a multinational organisation based in the Netherlands that faced a common challenge—after expanding their talent search globally, they discovered that success in recruitment did not guarantee a harmonious...
Intercultural Communication

12 tips to improve your intercultural communication

7 november 2023 door Language Partners
Recently we hosted a webinar called Intercultural competence is an essential skill for the future. During the webinar, three of our intercultural consultants shared an experience that stuck with them. From supporting leaders in cultivating their diverse teams, guiding expats in a new culture, to overcoming miscommunication and frustration within...
Intercultural Communication

Cultural Similarities and Differences within BBi Communication – How understanding each other benefits us all

5 september 2023 door Paul Van Zanten
Why is intercultural competence necessary? As you may know, Language Partners and BBi Communication merged at the start of this year. We are now an organisation that not only offers Intercultural competence training, it also has offices in four countries and colleagues from many more. Because of this, we felt...
Intercultural Communication

Lost in Translation: Exploring Cultural Bloopers of International Organisations

19 juli 2023 door Paul Van Zanten
As more and more companies do business in international markets, they often encounter unforeseen challenges that can lead to hilarious and, at times, cringe-worthy blunders. It is imperative to triple check your work, making sure you’re taking the necessary cultural perspectives into account. From mistranslations to cultural insensitivities, these unintentional...

The Future of International Business

25 mei 2023 door Language Partners
Are you prepared for the future of international business? As automation and changing demographics impact labor pools and access to markets, organisations worldwide should be up-to-date on European labor market trends. To combat smaller labor pools, both legislative incentives and educational support are explored to encourage immigration and integration into...
Intercultural Communication

Cultural norms and their influence on the business world

23 mei 2023 door Language Partners
Do you shake someone’s hand when you meet them? Hand-shaking is a common practice in the United States when meeting someone for the first time. Are you comfortable blowing your nose in public? Japanese culture does not appreciate public displays of mucus, thus blowing your nose is best saved for...

Language and Intercultural Communication for a Multicultural Workplace: Key Themes and Customer Needs

13 april 2023 door Paul Van Zanten
As providers of language courses and intercultural communication training we at BBi Communication have clients from varying backgrounds, industries and organisations. Even with such variety, we see several themes that are consistent across organisational demographics. In this article, we’ll share our top-five pressure points which have led to many mutually-beneficial...
Intercultural Communication

Myths in Language Learning and Intercultural Communication Training

22 december 2022 door Paul Van Zanten
The boy with his finger in the dike. Sasquatch. Rapunzel. Leprechauns. You might recognize some of these myths and legends. Their stories told have been passed down through the ages, though that doesn’t make them true. In this article we’ll tackle some of the most common myths about learning a...

The Fluency Gap: combining language, intercultural communication and DEI to create business advantage

30 november 2022 door Language Partners
Is the working language at your work not your mother tongue? If so, you may sometimes run into a ‘fluency gap’, a situation where you find you are (just) not fluent enough in the language. This may mean that you cannot explain your ideas or express yourself well enough. A...

Diversiteit, inclusie, DEI of D&I? Dit houdt het in.

17 november 2022 door Language Partners
Je hoort de termen diversiteit en inclusie, of de afkortingen D&I of DEI ongetwijfeld regelmatig voorbij komen. Veel grote bedrijven hebben inmiddels diversiteitsmedewerkers in dienst of hebben zelfs een hele diversiteitsafdeling opgezet. Organisaties zijn bezig een ‘inclusieve cultuur’ te creëren, of werken aan Cultural Awareness. Maar wat houden de termen...

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