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U or JIJ? TU or VOUS? DU or SIE? Which one do you use?

5 december 2022 door Paul Van Zanten
Ever call someone sir or ma’am only to get asked, or told, not to? In America, people are sometimes offended when addressed formally as sir or ma’am as it implies they are of a certain age. Depending on where you’re from or what language(s) you speak, your connection to formal...

How To Work With The Dutch? Webinar 8 December 2022

9 november 2022 door Andrea Kneppers
Samenwerken met Nederlanders Werken met Nederlanders kan verwarrend zijn. Zijn ze onbeleefd, of gewoon direct? Hoe zit het met de Nederlandse ‘platte hiërarchie’, die soms helemaal niet zo plat blijkt te zijn? En hoe werkt het Nederlandse besluitvormingsproces (het poldermodel), waarbij iedereen in vergaderingen om zijn inbreng en mening wordt...

Tips when learning a language

1 november 2022 door Paul Van Zanten
Learning a language is a process that takes time and determination. Motivation and drive to do so can fluctuate. With that in mind, we’ve come up with some tips to help you get the most out of your efforts. Before your course: Start engaging with your target language. Music, movies,...

Intercultureel of intracultureel, multicultureel of cross-cultureel? Wat is het verschil?

2 augustus 2022 door Paul Van Zanten
Naarmate er meer wordt geschreven over verschillende culturen en intercultureel werken, zijn er bepaalde woorden die steeds terugkomen. Termen zoals multicultureel, intercultureel en cross-cultureel worden bijna door elkaar gebruikt. Is er een verschil? En zo ja, wat is dat dan? De onderlinge verschillen zijn klein maar significant, en de woorden...

How to Study

1 augustus 2022 door Paul Van Zanten
When learning a new language, or anything new really, there are certain thought patterns that can reduce brain drain while making your efforts more efficient. Knowing how to learn and study is just as important as knowing how not to learn or study. Here are some tips and tricks to...

FAQ – Intercultural Communication (IC)

21 juli 2022 door Paul Van Zanten
In our second article highlighting FAQs we’ll explore the most commonly searched for questions relating to intercultural communication, or IC. We were able to group the IC related FAQs into two themes, the first being leading an intercultural team.  Before we get into it, we’ll offer a quick introduction to...

FAQ – Language

door Paul Van Zanten
In our first article covering FAQs , we will share some of the most commonly searched for questions by students who want to learn a language. Some are specific to a particular language while others relate to general language learning. Our experience has also shown us that the following questions...

Abbreviations, Acronyms, Initialisms and Contractions: What are they?

12 juli 2022 door Paul Van Zanten
An abbreviation is a shortened word or phrase, for example, est. is a common abbreviation in English and is used to shorten the word established. Acronyms and Initialisms are different types of abbreviations.  An acronym is made up of the first letter from each word in a phrase, such as...

Why you shouldn’t underestimate the value of feedback

24 mei 2022 door Paul Van Zanten
Many of us recognise some value in giving and receiving feedback, but do we really understand why it’s so vital? Feedback is not only the metric used to measure learning progress and achievement, but it’s also an essential part of enabling behavioural change. Though, putting it into practice is not...

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