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Vocabulary – How do I remember it?

How can I remember the new English words that I learn?

As a teacher, this is a question that I often hear and there are lots of different answers.  The most important thing you need to do if you want to learn and remember the new vocabulary, is to make sure that you get lots of exposure to the new words. Here are some quick and easy methods:

  • Try to use the newly learnt words as often as possible in your daily conversation
  • If you don’t have anybody to practice your English with, try writing the words in sentences that are relevant for you and your personal situation
  • Keep a notebook and write down all the new words you come across with an English explanation next to them and then test yourself from time to time
  • Try talking to yourself – whenever you have a spare moment, for example when you are driving to work, think about the new words that you’ve learnt and try to put them in sentences that are relevant for you
  • Start using Post-it notes and write 2 or 3 new words on each post-it and then stick them either on your fridge at home or your computer at work. That way every time you see them you’ll read them again and it will make the new words easier to remember

Happy learning!

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