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FAQ – Intercultural Communication (IC)

In our second article highlighting FAQs we’ll explore the most commonly searched for questions relating to intercultural communication, or IC. We were able to group the IC related FAQs into two themes, the first being leading an intercultural team. 

Before we get into it, we’ll offer a quick introduction to Intercultural Communication. If you ever work abroad, or with an international company, the chances are high that you’ll be interacting with people from various cultural backgrounds. Knowing things such as business etiquette, local religions, politics and everyday customs will help you avoid unintentional insults and miscommunications. Efforts towards this go a long way in earning respect from colleagues, neighbors, acquaintances, etc… The learning of culture appropriate communication is the theme behind IC.


How to lead a diverse team?

How to lead a diverse workforce?

How to lead a diverse team effectively?

How to lead an international team?

How to conduct international business?


These days it is very common to work with people from various cultural backgrounds. Leading such teams can offer new challenges. From recognising where the problems really originate from to figuring out the common approach, managing an intercultural team brings forth complexities not faced otherwise. Our training ‘working in a multicultural environment’ will help set up the foundation for an intercultural team. For managers of these teams, our leadership training will help you understand some of your options as well as how to put them in action. 


Improving intercultural relations in the workplace.

Ways to improve intercultural communication.

Improve intercultural communication skills.

Working with other cultures.


Our second grouping of IC questions revolves around improving relationships in an intercultural setting. Working with cultures you aren’t familiar with can be stressful. It can be difficult even if you have some experience. When engaging with communications styles while not knowing the nuances behind their behaviour, miscommunication, frustration and disengagement can occur. Our training ‘dealing with culture stress’ teaches participants awareness and specific approaches to communication. There is also a focus on recognising who you are as an individual so you can engage with others without losing your sense of self.

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Paul Van Zanten
Paul is an American intercultural communications professional living in the Netherlands and connecting with his Dutch roots. With a passion for travel, as well as gaining new perspectives and experiences, Paul aims to further his growth, as well as that of others at Language Partners.

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