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After the merger – an interview with our CEOs

26 juni 2023 door Language Partners
Today, Harald Kruithof is BBi Communications’s Group CEO. Coming from the Netherlands, he has been in the language education business for many years. Hans Dahlin, our Group Manager for Mergers and Acquisitions, has also been involved in the language industry for some time. As both have always strived to stay...

How language shapes the way we see the world

21 juni 2023 door Paul Van Zanten
Have you ever considered how the languages we speak shape our world, offering colour and narrative to the complexity of the human experience? The Sapir–Whorf hypothesis, also known as the hypothesis of linguistic relativity, discusses just this. To make a long story short, it was first proposed in 1929 and...

Vacature: Sales Development manager (relatiebeheerder)

20 juni 2023 door Language Partners
Bij Language Partners hebben wij meer dan 50 jaar ervaring met trainingen op het gebied van taal, cultuur en diversiteit en inclusie. Eind 2022 zijn wij gefuseerd met het Zweedse bedrijf BBi Communication, en deze fusie is het startpunt van een groot avontuur op het gebied van taal- en interculturele competentietrainingen...

The Future of International Business

25 mei 2023 door Language Partners
Are you prepared for the future of international business? As automation and changing demographics impact labor pools and access to markets, organisations worldwide should be up-to-date on European labor market trends. To combat smaller labor pools, both legislative incentives and educational support are explored to encourage immigration and integration into...
Intercultural Communication

Cultural norms and their influence on the business world

23 mei 2023 door Language Partners
Do you shake someone’s hand when you meet them? Hand-shaking is a common practice in the United States when meeting someone for the first time. Are you comfortable blowing your nose in public? Japanese culture does not appreciate public displays of mucus, thus blowing your nose is best saved for...

Celebrate EU Diversity Month 2023 with us!

10 mei 2023 door Andrea Kneppers
Companies and organisations across Europe are invited to shine a spotlight on the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and in society by organising events and activities throughout the European Diversity Month of May. We can help you and your organisation celebrate this year’s EU Diversity Month with...

Jezelf voorstellen en groeten in het Duits: 22 handige zinnen

15 april 2023 door Language Partners
In een internationale zakenwereld ligt effectieve communicatie aan de basis van succes. Als je Duitse collega’s hebt, of als jouw bedrijf te maken heeft met Duitstalige klanten of partners, kan een goed begrip van de nuances van de Duitse taal en de Duitse cultuur een groot verschil maken. Met deze...

Language and Intercultural Communication for a Multicultural Workplace: Key Themes and Customer Needs

13 april 2023 door Paul Van Zanten
As providers of language courses and intercultural communication training we at BBi Communication have clients from varying backgrounds, industries and organisations. Even with such variety, we see several themes that are consistent across organisational demographics. In this article, we’ll share our top-five pressure points which have led to many mutually-beneficial...

Cultural Confessions: Celebrate EU Diversity Month with us!

12 april 2023 door Andrea Kneppers
Cultural Confessions – Stories of navigating cultural diversity in the global business world Welcome to Cultural Confessions – an online global event (May 25th 10:00 – 11:00 am) that offers the unique opportunity to listen to and share personal stories about cultural differences in an international work environment. In today’s...

Debunking 7 common DEI criticisms

27 februari 2023 door Paul Van Zanten
Whenever something new is introduced, there are inevitably criticisms. DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusive culture) practices are no different. As this relatively new approach to people and culture management is adopted by more and more organisations, some criticisms and critiques have stood out. The following list offers answers to 7...

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