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Dear Madam/Sir: The right start to your business emails

13 juni 2022 door Paul Van Zanten
Anyone who writes a (business) letter or email has to make many choices. Not only about the content and structure, but also about the layout and tone of the text. This certainly includes the opening and closing of the letter or email. An incorrect or inappropriate salutation can be poorly...

How to create a sustainable structure for organisational change

25 mei 2022 door Paul Van Zanten
What kind of structure is needed for the successful integration of diversity, equity and an inclusive culture? In our first article, we started the discussion with an introduction to the growing need for DEI. Our second article brought forth the need of a strong and Inclusive leader.  Here, we will...

Why you shouldn’t underestimate the value of feedback

24 mei 2022 door Paul Van Zanten
Many of us recognise some value in giving and receiving feedback, but do we really understand why it’s so vital? Feedback is not only the metric used to measure learning progress and achievement, but it’s also an essential part of enabling behavioural change. Though, putting it into practice is not...

How to overcome the fluency gap: when you don’t speak a language well enough to explain yourself

door Paul Van Zanten
You may know it: one of those moments in a meeting when you want to make a suggestion, but you don’t speak the language well enough to explain your idea. We call this a fluency gap. Mastering a language fluently A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. Does this sound...

Vacature: Trainingscoördinator (32-40 uur)

17 mei 2022 door Andrea Kneppers
De zusterorganisaties Language Partners en Mazi-Inc. verzorgen zakelijke taaltrainingen en interculturele competentietrainingen (IC). Dit doen we online, incompany bij klanten of op een van onze locaties in Nederland en Europa. Met onze trainingen helpen we klanten succesvoller samen te werken en productiever en innovatiever zaken te doen in een internationale...

When you know what idioms to use, Bob’s your uncle. Wait, what?

2 mei 2022 door Paul Van Zanten
I first started paying more attention to idioms after my girlfriend translated a French expression when I was being particularly annoying one evening, “Faut pas pousser mémé dans les orties”, or ‘don’t push granny in the [stinging] nettles’. After a pause, I asked for an explanation and learned I had...

Do you have all the traits of an inclusive leader? A guide for managing diversity and inclusive cultures.

door Paul Van Zanten
What kind of leader is needed to implement an Inclusive culture? In this second article on diversity and inclusive culture (D&I), we will explore leadership at all levels of an organisation. Various personality traits and skills that are well suited to enabling both diversity and inclusive cultures, will be analysed...

Social Learning: The What and the Why

4 april 2022 door Paul Van Zanten
What comes to mind when you see Social Learning? Is it learning with others? Learning via social media? Over 50 years ago the psychologist Albert Bandura first proposed the social learning theory (SLT). Built upon theories of behavioural learning, the SLT posits that behaviour is learned via reinforcement and modelling...

Before you send a message, what do you ask yourself?

door Paul Van Zanten
Whether you use e-mail, an internal messaging service, a professionally focused social media platform or any other communication service, there are some consistent considerations to keep in mind when you craft a message: Is this the right medium? E-mail is not always the best fit. For example, If you’re sending...
Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusive Cultures In a Changing World

31 maart 2022 door Paul Van Zanten
Adapt now or risk your competitive edge This is the first of four articles from our 4-part series on diversity and inclusive cultures (D&I). These articles will offer insights into the benefits of D&I while providing strategies that will guide an organization towards understanding the growing need for D&I, as...

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