Dutch language course

Dutch as a second language

Dutch as a second language course

Dutch as a second language course

NT2: Dutch as a second language. The collective name for all Dutch language courses for foreigners. Dutch for foreigners. Are you a foreign expat working in the Netherlands? Or have you already lived here for years and wish to acclimatise? If the answer is ‘yes’, NT2 language training from Language Partners is the ideal way to make you really feel at home or speak better Dutch at work.

Our trainers teach you Dutch grammar so that you can quickly and above all effectively communicate, both verbally and in writing. In a playful manner, you will learn Dutch words to help you go shopping, visit the doctor or look for a job via a temporary agency. Your vocabulary will be enriched by typical Dutch words, such as gezellig, polderen and Sinterklaas. On completing your course, you will have more self-confidence. You will suddenly be able to pronounce the word “Scheveningen”. Your training will also be perfect preparation for the government NT2 examination.



N. Sillence, customer support consultant bij Idexx Europe BV:

“Having lived in the Netherlands for 3 years I had a long list of words in my head but no real practical knowledge of how to stick them together in a coherent way; I now feel more confident in doing so. The key word with language training is confidence. The trainer does a fine job with this and I am happier with speaking Dutch to natives since starting the course.”


Online Dutch course – Blended Learning

  1. A mix of face-to-face sessions and online learning
  2. 100% tailor-made including the online section!
  3. Under supervision of one of our top trainers

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The most sought after courses in Dutch (tailor made)

  1. Dutch for expats
  2. Dutch at work

Van Dale Taaltrainingen Dutch (open registration)

  1. Business Dutch for expats: speaking
  2. Business Ducth for expats: writing

The options for a language course in Brazilian Portuguese:

  1. For every level
  2. Private lessons or in a group
  3. Customised or open enrolment
  4. Crash course or a course spread over a number of weeks
  5. In company courses or a course at one of our locations


All training begins with a thorough intake procedure. Read everything about registration, intakes, evaluations and certificates in our procedures.

Customisation and fees


Our business English training courses are all tailor-made courses. This means that when writing a proposal for a tailor-made course, we take into consideration the results of our intake procedure and also your personal:

  1. Starting level
    Procedure visual RGB
  2. Learning objectives
  3. Work situation
  4. Learning style
  5. Schedule

As part of our proposal we provide advice on:

  1. The type of training, e.g. classical, online only or blended learning
  2. The intensity of the course, e.g. a crash course or 1 training session a week
  3. The lesson programme

When can you start your course?

As soon as our proposal has been approved we can begin planning your course. Lesson dates, times and location are planned in consultation with you. In most cases, courses begin 2 weeks after the course proposal has been approved. However, if you would like to begin sooner, we are more than happy to oblige.


The fee for your custom-made course is thus dependent on the number of training hours required, and the type and intensity of your course.

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Group Courses

Group courses

Group courses Dutch
If you would like to offer one, or perhaps more, of your departments a group course in Dutch, we can put together a customised training programme for you. Our account managers are happy to work with you to discuss course content and the options available for the type of course and its duration.

Open registration Group courses with a fixed programme

Van Dale and Language Partners have together developed a series of short, intensive workshops for Business English and Business Dutch, with a fixed programme at different levels for between four and eight participants.

  1. Correct Dutch (including Language Bites)
  2. Clear business writing
  3. Business correspondence
  4. Dutch for non-natives: speaking
  5. Dutch for non-natives: writing
  6. Business English: e-mail and telephoning
  7. Business English: networking
  8. Business English: presenting
  9. Business English: reporting
  10. Business English: meetings
  11. Business English for office managers

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All our language trainers provide Dutch lessons in their native language. They are thus ‘native speakers’ and have a background in language training. Your trainers are regularly retrained at our Language Partners Academy.

Meet some of our trainers

Evelien completed a part of her French language and Literature degree in Caen, Normandy. After that she completed a post graduate Teaching degree. Since then Evelien has spent 10 years giving business language training courses in all kinds of industries, including the food industry, automobile and fashion industries, the government and the energy sector. In 2009 Evelien undertook an NT2 teaching methods course and since then has been working at Language Partners as a trainer of Dutch as a Second Language (NT2) as well.
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