A Business English course is for anyone who wishes to communicate in a business context with more self-confidence.

Suggested programme components:

  1. Networking: keeping a conversation going
  2. Meetings: participate in or chair a meeting, teleconferencing
  3. Presentation skills: form and content
  4. Telephoning: dealing with complaints and problems
  5. Writing E-mails: correctness and style
  6. Discussions: giving your opinion, making an argument for or against
  7. Negotiating: contracts and tactics


Business English is a tailor-made training course. Based on the results of your intake and an online test we will create a personalised programme taking into consideration your work situation and your industry.


A training course takes approximately 20 to 40 hours varying from 10 sessions of 2 hours to a week of intensive training.


The fees for a tailor-made course are dependent on the size of the group (1-8 people), the intensity and the duration of the course.

Internationally recognised certificate

At the end of the course every student with a good attendance record will receive a certificate from the Institute. If at the end of your studies you wish to end up with an internationally recognised award then we recommend the Business English course in preparation for the Cambridge Business English Certificate (BEC).

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