Financial English Course

If there is any language more international than English, then surely it is language of money! Whether you are book-keeping for a small company or liaising with European Regulators, financial English is bound to be a factor in your work, and the amount of business done in English is ever increasing. A correct and sophisticated grasp of financial English is essential if you want to see your career soar to new heights.

Is it ‘increased with 20%’ or ‘increased by 20%’? Do you know the difference between amortisation and depreciation? Is the correct phrase ‘Share prices recovered extremely slowly,’ or ‘Share prices recovered extremely slow.’? Small mistakes like this can really stand out in the financial environment.

A financial or banking English course is suitable for anyone who works in the financial sector and needs to communicate in English with clients or colleagues.

 Suggested topics:

  1. Corporate/retail banking
  2. Cashflow statements/balance sheets
  3. Risk
  4. Regulating the financial sector
  5. Financial/managment accounting
  6. Auditing
  7. Budgets/forecasting
  8. Capital Markets
  9. Tax

Tailor-made Financial English course

Financial English is a tailor-made training course. Based on the results of your intake and an online test we will create a personalised programme taking into consideration your work situation and your industry.

Our trainers have access to and utilise a huge range of financial English resources, ranging from textbooks and online quizzes for beginners, to the latest reports and articles for advanced learners. This material is converted into fun and relevant exercises such as role-plays, presentations and games. Each trainer draws on the individual learner’s work and professional aspirations to make the course as relevant and appealing as possible.

Duration and fees

A training course takes approximately 20 to 40 hours varying from 10 sessions of 2 hours to a week of intensive training. The fees for a tailor-made course are dependent on the size of the group (1-8 people), the intensity and the duration of the course.

At the end of the course every student with a good attendance record will receive a certificate from the Institute.

More information about our Financial English courses?

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