Language training near you or in-company

Language Partners is quite at home anywhere in the Netherlands. Through intensive collaboration with our partners, Language Partners is the only company that offers you national coverage, either through our own network of branches or the special training locations based at various Hampshire Hotels nationwide. You determine where your training is given: in-company, where the language trainer comes to your company, or elsewhere. Language Partners is the most experienced in-company trainer in the Netherlands.

Eight branches with state of-the-art teaching materials

All our branches have modern, well-equipped classrooms, which is ideal if you wish to concentrate 100% and not be distracted. You are always very welcome at Language Partners.

Language Partners works closely with Eden Hotels

Fortunately, you never have to travel a long way for language training. Thanks to our close collaboration with Eden Hotels, there is always a training facility near you: Eindhoven, Leeuwarden, Groningen, Maastricht or Hengelo.

Training facilities abroad

Do you want to follow a Business English course in England? Language Partners offers this option. Thanks to our collaboration with our various partners in France, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland and England, we literally push the boundaries of customisation. We can add a totally new dimension to your language course. Only Language Partners offers this level of flexibility. Our account managers will be happy to provide you with further information.