Cultural training

Akteos cultuurtrainingenLearn the accepted customs if you are going to work abroad

Are you going to work abroad? Are you being sent out as an expat? If so, culture training offers an excellent way of preparing before your departure. A good basic knowledge of business etiquette, religion, politics and everyday customs avoids many misunderstandings. And, it can win a great deal of respect from your new colleagues, neighbours and acquaintances.

Managing an international team?

The cross-cultural aspect is an essential element of a company. But how do you manage a Multicultural team in the most efficient way? Managing differences and seeking synergies are strategic stakes at issue if you want to improve your competitiveness on an international scale.


Akteos is our partner in cultural training. Please check our website for our full product offering in country specific training programs and cross-cultural management training programs.

nomad-networkNomad Network

Akteos offers a unique online network, called the Nomad Network, which is an international network active in more than 70 countries. All employees are internationally oriented and are more than happy to share their experiences by way of online information, discussions and exchanges. You can set up your own personal cultural profile and compare it to the cultural profile of a country of your choice, which is an exceptionally helpful tool when integrating into a new country or within a multicultural team.

More information

Your account manager at Akteos, Anne Marie van Schaik, is happy to provide you with more information regarding cultural training and integrated language and culture workshops. Please contact Anne Marie by email or at 088 02 88 090.