Customized English-language e-learning programme

Looking to improve your English-language skills via self-study? Language Partners offers a unique, customized, e-learning programme. You put together your own personal package, one which comprehensively targets your starting level, your learning objectives and your field. That is what makes the Language Partners e-learning programme so unique.

The e-learning package consists of grammar, vocabulary and the specific skills you want to hone. Everything is oriented toward the field of your choice. Do you work, for example, in HR, and would you like to improve your e-mail writing skills? Then you will receive online exercises targeting the field of HR which will help you achieve these learning objectives.

The course load of an e-learning programme is about 10 hours. After passing the final test, your language level will have improved by approximately one half of a level. Is your starting level intermediate B1? Then after passing the final test of the e-learning programme, your knowledge of English will be at the intermediate B1+ level.

E-learning is suitable for refreshing your knowledge of a language and for improving specific language skills. E-learning can also be used as preparation for a face-to-face language training at a higher level or after a training to maintain your knowledge level.

Our e-learning modules are offered via our virtual Language Partners Online learning environment. This platform is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So you can refresh your language skills wherever and whenever it’s convenient. The platform generates automatic – but personal – feedback on your answers, coaching you to a higher level.

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Composition of the e-learning programme:

1. Grammar

The e-learning programme begins with a grammar module covering the forms and structures of English. This module is offered at the following three levels:

  • lower intermediate (A2/B1)
  • intermediate (B1/B2)
  • upper intermediate (B2/C1)

Your level is determined on the basis of an online intake test.

2. Fields

The second part of the e-learning programme is coordinated with the field of your choice. The acquisition of vocabulary is the main focus of this module. The available fields are:

  • office management
  • finance
  • HR
  • legal
  • energy

3. Skills

In this final module, the development of language skills is the main focus. Of course, the content of the first two modules, where grammar and vocabulary were featured, is also covered again here. You decide which of the following skills you want to work on:

  • e-mail writing
  • business writing
  • meetings, negotiations and cultural awareness


Language Partners Online is organized entirely around personal exercises which target grammar, vocabulary and the skills you want to focus on.e-learning beeld

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