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Our vision for learning

Everyone learns in their own way. We believe that your language training has the most effect when you learn with pleasure and in a way that suits you. This leads to self-confidence in the application of the language and therefore to the greatest benefit from your language training.

All our training courses are based on the new learning: learning in a way that is in keeping with your style and in which you give direction to the training. Both offline and online, or a combination of the two.

Learning what you want to learn

Every lesson – online or offline – is customized on the basis of your level and your personal or company goals. You steer your learning process yourself. In this way, we work together on the best possible result for your language training.

Formal and informal learning

According to Charles Jennings’ 70:20:10 Model we learn 70% from practice, 20% from feedback and coaching and 10% from formal education. So formal education forms but a small part of the learning process, which proceeds well beyond the classroom. All our training courses are therefore interactive and practical: designed in line with language situations from your daily practice.

Always close at hand

Our virtual learning platform, Language Partners Online, is available anytime, anywhere. The course material is selected especially for you, even when you opt for online learning. You learn what you want, where and when you want. What’s more, our Refresher ensures that you keep up your knowledge, even well after the course. In this way you get the most out of your language course.

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