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Tips for better communication across cultures

14 December 2023 by Language Partners
In an international team it’s important to make sure everyone in the company speaks the common language comfortably. But a common language is just the first step. How do you deal with a team that consists mostly of non-native speakers, and what if there is a variety of cultures involved...

December Holidays Around the World

5 December 2023 by Language Partners
For many cultures, December is a time for celebrations. Unknown to most of us there is a vibrant mix of cultural, religious, and regional celebrations across the world, all of which happen in December. This month offers so many of us a moment to take part in traditions which reflect...

The Future of International Business: Webinar Recordings

30 November 2023 by Language Partners
It’s a wrap! Our webinar series on the future of international business is finished. In four episodes, we’ve delved into the changing labour market and its impact on HR trends, team diversity, and workplace cultures. We’ve explored crafting inclusive cultures where every teammember can excel. What must organisations do to...
Intercultural Communication

12 tips to improve your intercultural communication

7 November 2023 by Language Partners
Recently we hosted a webinar called Intercultural competence is an essential skill for the future. During the webinar, three of our intercultural consultants shared an experience that stuck with them. From supporting leaders in cultivating their diverse teams, guiding expats in a new culture, to overcoming miscommunication and frustration within...

Celebrate Diversity Month 2023 with us!

28 September 2023 by Language Partners
In October, companies and organisations across the world are invited to shine a spotlight on the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and in society by organising events and activities throughout the Global Diversity Month, with October 3rd being Diversity Day! We can help you and your organisation...

Multilingual Words: A Growing Trend

21 September 2023 by Language Partners
Multilingual words are those that appear in several languages. The number of words adopted untranslated, and therefore having meaning in multiple languages, is on the rise. But why is this happening? Multilingual Words in Spoken Language Some words are nearly universal, such as “uhm,” “wow!” and “okay,” or in the...

False Friends – English & Swedish

15 August 2023 by Language Partners
Words matter. Culture matters. Culture influences our vocabulary. For example, Swedes have many words for forestry. The Sami culture (located in Finland, Sweden, Norway) has 800 words for reindeer herding. Each culture has its frame of reference when we interpret words. Some words are difficult to translate because of a...

The Future of International Business: a Webinar Series

4 July 2023 by Language Partners
Combining language, intercultural competence and DEI to create business advantages. Join us this fall for a series of free webinars about the future of international business, the challenges organisations face, and how to overcome them. Sign up! Labour markets are rapidly changing, something organisations all over the world are noticing...

After the merger – an interview with our CEOs

26 June 2023 by Language Partners
Today, Harald Kruithof is BBi Communications’s Group CEO. Coming from the Netherlands, he has been in the language education business for many years. Hans Dahlin, our Group Manager for Mergers and Acquisitions, has also been involved in the language industry for some time. As both have always strived to stay...

Webinar 16-2-’23: Getting your point across in English

19 January 2023 by Language Partners
Update: If you’re coming to this page after the webinar, you can view it on Youtube via this link. If you’d like to learn about our English courses, including Business English and Legal English, click here! Presenting ideas and information in English Anyone working in an international environment will have...

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