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Case Study Ministry of Defense

What was the challenge?
The buyers and lawyers of the Ministry of Defense communicate a lot about different contracts. This happens worldwide, and is often in English. Because these are serious conversations, especially negotiations, they would like to improve their legal English. This is why the Ministry of Defence came to Language Partners to provide training for 80 employees.

What was our working method?
The request from the Ministry of Defence was clear: training in legal English. At Language Partners we like to help our clients as best we can, and therefore we mapped out the situation with the help of our legal trainers. Because there are two different locations where these training sessions will be given, we came to the conclusion that there are different learning objectives for each location.

An intake was done with all participants to determine their level, so a good group allocation could be made. Proprietary material was collected to serve as a basis for the training. Then, based on all the needs, our legal trainers created a customised Legal English program.

What was the result?
The training matched the Ministry of Defense’s needs well and resulted in enthusiastic responses from all participants. The trainers were highly appreciated for their knowledge, approach and feedback. After the training, the participants feel more confident and can communicate more effectively in legal English.

The course was partly online via the virtual classroom and the students were very enthusiastic. The training was rated with an average of 8 our of 10:
“A good mix of theory and practice and therefore very applicable.”
“The training fitted well with our field and the trainer had a lot of knowledge of the field in which we work.”

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