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Category: Dutch as a second language

Dutch as a second language

Dutch Language Visa Requirments

29 August 2023 by Paul Van Zanten
Thinking of moving to the Netherlands? Many people might say “you don’t need to learn Dutch”, but there are varying requirements to meet depending on whether you need a visa, a residence permit, or citizenship. We’ll clear that up. Do you need to speak Dutch to live in the Netherlands?...
Dutch as a second language

Conquering Dutch and the Netherlands (free whitepaper)

5 November 2020 by Language Partners
When you arrive in the Netherlands as an expat, you’ll probably run into a few cultural differences. It takes some time to adjust to your new situation of working and living in a new environment, but we’re here to help! Together with our trainers and consultants we’ve created this whitepaper...
Dutch as a second language

How to say ‘hello’ in Dutch and other useful greetings

30 September 2020 by Dyonne Angenent
Whether you are coming to the Netherlands for a short time, e.g. to work or to study, or planning to stay for longer, you’re definitely going to be meeting lots of new people. At work, university, the gym or in the bar. It’s handy to know the Dutch way of...
Dutch as a second language

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Language Skills at Home

20 April 2020 by Michelle Runyon
If I could count the number of times I have wished for more hours in a day to do the things I always procrastinate, I would be a millionaire in quarantine with a list of chores. We are amid a radical change in how we work, study and manage our...
Dutch as a second language

What’s up with ‘er’?

17 February 2020 by Vika Lukina
“Today we’re going to talk about everyone’s favourite word.” If I start my lesson with these words, most students know what’s coming. “Does anyone happen to know what that word is?” The response to this question is usually nervous shuffling, eye-rolling and deep sighs, but eventually someone always says “er…”....
Dutch as a second language

Natural Dutch | Speaking like a native

by Vika Lukina
What does mastering a language actually involve? Chances are that on reading that question you’re thinking about correct use of grammar and an extensive vocabulary. That’s certainly true, words and grammar rules are the building blocks of language, but to master a language you also need to be able to...
Dutch as a second language

10 Interesting Facts about the Dutch Language

30 November 2018 by Language Partners
Are you learning Dutch? Do you find yourself confused or amused in the Netherlands or Belgium? Are you trying to puzzle it out by communicating with other expats who know a thing or two about hagelslag? Have no fear, it’s not just you! Dutch is even stranger than you thought....
Dutch as a second language

Learn Dutch: Small words, little meaning?

2 November 2017 by Vika Lukina
Small words. The Dutch language is riddled with them and often they can be omitted without drastically changing the meaning of the sentence, in which they occur. It makes you wonder then, whether we really need these words; personally I think we do. In this blog I will look at...

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