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Webinar 21-3: Meetings in English: Essential Skills & Cultural Insights

27 February 2024 by Language Partners
For those working in an international environment, it’s inevitable: conducting meetings in English, or perhaps even chairing a meeting in English. How do you approach it? What standard phrases can you use, and what etiquette rules should you adhere to in an international meeting? For everyone who occasionally needs to...

English words with Dutch origins

23 January 2023 by Paul Van Zanten
Dutch influence can be seen in many places: from a Dutch-themed amusement park in Japan, to the creation of donuts and gin as well as in vocabulary and place names. In this article we’ll explore 10 commonly used English words, which come from the Dutch language. Bluff – Often used...

Webinar 16-2-’23: Getting your point across in English

19 January 2023 by Language Partners
Update: If you’re coming to this page after the webinar, you can view it on Youtube via this link. If you’d like to learn about our English courses, including Business English and Legal English, click here! Presenting ideas and information in English Anyone working in an international environment will have...

U or JIJ? TU or VOUS? DU or SIE? Which one do you use?

5 December 2022 by Paul Van Zanten
Ever call someone sir or ma’am only to get asked, or told, not to? In America, people are sometimes offended when addressed formally as sir or ma’am as it implies they are of a certain age. Depending on where you’re from or what language(s) you speak, your connection to formal...

How To Work With The Dutch? Webinar 8 December 2022

9 November 2022 by Andrea Kneppers
Update: Are you coming to this page after the webinar? You can watch it via Youtube here. Before you go, we offer “Working with ____” training courses based on a wide range of cultures. Take a look to see if any might be right for you! How to work with...

Dutchisms, Dunglish & Denglish

1 August 2022 by Paul Van Zanten
“During 32 years I was employed by Heineken, for many years responsible for the Asia Pacific. During most of those years I either travelled fifty percent of my time or lived and worked in the outside country.” What you’ve just read is the ‘Before Word’ from the book I Always...

FAQ – Language

21 July 2022 by Paul Van Zanten
In our first article covering FAQs , we will share some of the most commonly searched for questions by students who want to learn a language. Some are specific to a particular language while others relate to general language learning. Our experience has also shown us that the following questions...

Abbreviations, Acronyms, Initialisms and Contractions: What are they?

12 July 2022 by Paul Van Zanten
An abbreviation is a shortened word or phrase, for example, est. is a common abbreviation in English and is used to shorten the word established. Acronyms and Initialisms are different types of abbreviations.  An acronym is made up of the first letter from each word in a phrase, such as...

5 tips for expanding your vocabulary

by Paul Van Zanten
A frequently asked and logical question is: “How can I expand my vocabulary?” Language is a means of communication and in order to express thoughts you need words, preferably as many as possible. Even if someone knows perfectly well how the subjunctive works in French, without words to make a...

Webinar English vocabulary: 13 September 2022

4 July 2022 by Andrea Kneppers
Update: If you’ve missed the webinar, you can view it on Youtube via this link. If you’re curious about our language courses, including Dutch, English and 50 others, or even niche focus points such as Legal and Business English, click here! Expand your English vocabulary Do you sometimes struggle to...

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