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Punctuate like a pro: common errors in English

2 August 2021 by Alma Bonger
This article considers the use of various punctuation marks, especially ones which tend to cause the most confusion amongst Dutch students learning English. While punctuation rules are similar across the Dutch and English language, there are small nuances to bear in mind while writing that email or business report. The...

Benefits of learning a language online

11 May 2021 by Alma Bonger
Online learning has never been as prevalent as it is today. Due in part to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, students, as well as teachers, have had to adjust to an entirely digital learning environment. Whether we like it or not, today’s workforce is moving online and the number of professionals...

How to write a motivation letter English

13 April 2021 by Alma Bonger
Next to making a good first impression with your CV it is integral that you include a letter of motivation with your application, also known as a cover letter. A motivation letter is usually written in response to a vacancy but you could also submit an open motivation letter to...

How to write a CV in English

26 January 2021 by Alma Bonger
Making a good first impression is crucial when applying for a new job. Regardless of which industry you work in, you could find yourself competing with many suitable applicants and most recruiters spend no more than a few seconds scanning each CV. If you submit a clear, organised and neat...

How to write an English formal email (with impact)

25 June 2020 by Alma Bonger
What’s a formal email? Formal emails are typically sent to people you don’t know very well, business contacts or authority figures. This might be an HR recruiter, a prospective client or a public official. If you’re not sure whether to send a formal or an informal email, it’s probably best...

How to use conditionals and negotiate like a pro

3 February 2020 by Alma Bonger
We are all negotiators, whether we know it or not. Asking for a raise, selecting a restaurant for lunch or bargaining with your child are several examples of negotiation we engage in regularly. However, while negotiations are daily practice, the appropriate language used for effective bargaining doesn’t come easily for...

How to use prepositions of time in English

7 October 2019 by Alma Bonger
Prepositions can be a recurring nightmare for English language learners; there are about 150 prepositions in the English language and they are more often used than other individual words.

The magic in stringing together adjectives

25 July 2019 by Alma Bonger
Arranging words in the right order If you think you know everything there is to know about the English language – think again! This article will introduce a binding rule of English syntax (i.e. the arrangement of words and phrases in a sentence)

Telephoning in English: Dutch interference and key phrases

23 May 2019 by Alma Bonger
Making and taking telephone calls in your second language can be a daunting task, especially when a call catches you by surprise. We’ve all been there; stammering, searching for words, awkward silences, and even opting to write an email just to avoid all of the above.

How to deliver a presentation in English

14 March 2019 by Alma Bonger
Mastering the art of presenting takes time and practice. Nobody is born with natural presentation skills and even the best orators, such as Cicero, Martin Luther King, Steve Jobs, and Barack Obama, had many years of practice before they became excellent public speakers.

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