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Diplomatic communication: the art of tact

8 March 2018 by Alma Bonger
If you’ve ever negotiated your way out of a tricky situation or took part in a business transaction, you’ve probably employed a certain level of tact as a means of achieving your objective.

False friends between Dutch and English

27 November 2017 by Alma Bonger
You might have noticed that some words in Dutch text resemble certain English words in their spelling or pronunciation. Unfortunately, these words sometimes carry a different meaning. False friends are words that appear very much alike, often have the same etymological origin, and yet mean something quite different.

What’s in a name – attorney, solicitor, barrister, lawyer…?

19 November 2017 by Liz van der L.
I’m always curious to find out how Dutch lawyers describe themselves in English. I’ve seen quite a few variations over the years that I have been teaching legal English to Dutch legal professionals. The most common variant that appears on the English language version of your business card seems to...

Teaching at TU Delft | Workshop Legal English

13 November 2017 by Liz van der L.
As a Language Partners trainer specialising in legal English, my usual assignments consist of being sent to large city law firms, often to refresh the English of their trainee lawyers and to introduce them to the particular (and sometimes peculiar) vocabulary of the world of law. So imagine my surprise...

Everything you need to know about the Cambridge Business English exams

17 October 2017 by Alma Bonger
Many business English students are currently preparing for their exams. What’s all the fuss about? In a nutshell, Cambridge Assessment English is an organization dedicated to providing examinations and qualifications for students and teachers of English. They have been operating since 1913 and, presently, over 5 million people take a Cambridge English...

Business writing: getting your point across

15 September 2017 by Alma Bonger
Many students struggle with getting their point across when writing in English. Some students find it difficult to express their ideas clearly and simply, which might result in miscommunication due to the inclusion of redundant, or unnecessary information. How can you avoid wasting time on writing wordy texts? Read this...

Learn a new language in 4 easy steps

25 July 2017 by Alma Bonger
Language is the glue that brings us together and sets us apart as human beings. We are social creatures by nature and we all need language to communicate. But what happens when two people don’t speak the same language?

5 reasons to learn English

26 June 2017 by Alma Bonger
The omnipresence of English is hard to ignore. 510 million people around the world currently use it to communicate daily. If you have previously followed an English language course, you might have encountered some difficulty or felt discouraged by its many complexities. Despite any frustration involved with harnessing this powerful...

3 Things Every Dutch Speaker Should Be Aware Of When Learning English

6 June 2017 by Alma Bonger
The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. English falls under the Germanic branch of the Indo-European language family, which means it is closely related to Dutch, German, and the Scandinavian languages. The Dutch are known for their willingness to learn other languages, particularly English, which they regularly encounter in...

How can reading expand my active vocabulary?

15 May 2017 by Alma Bonger
Students often ask for tips on expanding their vocabulary. Most of them have little difficulty when it comes to reading about topics they are already familiar with, but struggle with coming up with the right words when discussing an unfamiliar topic. Learning new words, or using the right ones, can...

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