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Diversity & Inclusion

The benefits of multilingualism in business.

22 July 2024 by Omar Boldewijn
Language and culture training for companies Why investing in language and culture training is key to success In an increasingly globalised world, multilingualism plays a crucial role in business. Companies that invest in language and culture training, as offered by our language training company, see significant benefits. In this blog,...

Tips for better communication across cultures

14 December 2023 by Language Partners
In an international team it’s important to make sure everyone in the company speaks the common language comfortably. But a common language is just the first step. How do you deal with a team that consists mostly of non-native speakers, and what if there is a variety of cultures involved...

The Future of International Business: a Webinar Series

4 July 2023 by Language Partners
Combining language, intercultural competence and DEI to create business advantages. Join us this fall for a series of free webinars about the future of international business, the challenges organisations face, and how to overcome them. Sign up! Labour markets are rapidly changing, something organisations all over the world are noticing...

After the merger – an interview with our CEOs

26 June 2023 by Language Partners
Today, Harald Kruithof is BBi Communications’s Group CEO. Coming from the Netherlands, he has been in the language education business for many years. Hans Dahlin, our Group Manager for Mergers and Acquisitions, has also been involved in the language industry for some time. As both have always strived to stay...

English words with Dutch origins

23 January 2023 by Paul Van Zanten
Dutch influence can be seen in many places: from a Dutch-themed amusement park in Japan, to the creation of donuts and gin as well as in vocabulary and place names. In this article we’ll explore 10 commonly used English words, which come from the Dutch language. Bluff – Often used...

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