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How To Work With The Dutch? Webinar 8 December 2022


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How to work with the Dutch?

Working with the Dutch can be confusing. Are they being rude, or just direct? What about the Dutch ‘flat hierarchy’, which sometimes appears to be not so flat at all? And how does the Dutch decision-making process (The Polder Model) work, where everyone is asked for their input and opinion in meetings?

We completely understand. Understanding how the Dutch communicate and behave is essential when working and living in the Netherlands. Even when you are Dutch yourself! When you are more aware of your own communication style, and how you may come across to others, you can adapt and anticipate accordingly. This leads to more pleasant collaboration.

What you learn in this webinar

In this workshop we will discuss the differences in communication styles between you and the Dutch. On top of that, we will discuss how you can learn to adjust your communication and presentation style to various cultural settings.

This webinar will be given by Alicia, Intercultural Communication trainer at Language Partners. Originally from France, Alicia now lives in Amsterdam, but has also worked in the United States. With a background in communication and more than 10 years of experience at several international companies, Alicia is an expert in intercultural communication.

Practical details about the webinar

  • Date: Thursday 8 December 2022
  • Time: 16.00 o’clock.
  • Through: Zoom
  • Duration: +-45 minutes
  • Language: English (desired level: B1)
  • Cost: free

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