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Language courses in Nijmegen

In Nijmegen you will find our most outstanding location, where you can leave behind all the hustle and bustle of the Randstad conurbation and concentrate fully on the language training.

Language Partners Berg en Dal
Fletcher Hotel Holthurnsche Hof
Zevenheuvelenweg 48a
6571 CK Berg en Dal (Nijmegen)
t: +31 (0)88 02 88 000

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Would you like to learn a language in Nijmegen?

When composing your language training, many factors play a role. Which language, at what level, the themes of the learning material, for which sector and naturally your schedule. These factors will determine how intensively you will be able to follow a language training course. Discover the many possibilities at Language Partners.

The account managers of Language Partners are happy to advise you on which training programme to follow. They are aware of the training needs of your professional field and can therefore offer quick and concise help.

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