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Crash courses

Focus on learning for a whole week

Want to brush up your language knowledge? Give your English a boost or improve your German? With a crash course (or intensive language course) you devote a whole week (Monday to Friday) to learning a language, working on your objectives one-to-one with a trainer at one of our offices in Amsterdam or Rotterdam.

A week long immersion in language learning enables you to make quick and noticeable progress. The training programme of an intensive course is carefully tailored to your requirements.

A crash course at a glance:

  • Individual tuition: one-to-one sessions with your personal language trainer who will offer you a 100% tailor made course.
  • Stay fresh and alert: two trainers, each with their own specialism, will take turns training.
  • Learn as you Please: each participant has their own favourite learning style so we test in advance to see which approach is best.
  • Blended learning: your sessions with a trainer are alternated with practically oriented and specially selected e-learning exercises.
  • Industry oriented: you not only learn a language, but also the specific jargon of your industry as our trainers speak the language of your profession.
  • Training and accommodation (optional): you can choose to stay in a hotel near our office for the duration of your course.

Optimal concentration

With an intensive language course you devote a whole week to learning a language. This means you can take a distance from the stresses and strains of daily life and fully focus on improving your language skills. There are no lessons in the evenings, allowing you time to recharge, ready to pick up the thread again the next day.

Learn exactly what you need to learn

We want you to learn exactly what you need to learn as quickly as possible. Prior to the course you will take part in an extensive intake process to determine your current level and preferred learning styles as well as to discuss your learning objectives. In this way we tailor the training specifically to your needs.

This unique teaching method has been a success at Language Partners for more than 20 years. Thousands of students have already plucked the ‘language fruits’ of the learn as you please method. After all, you learn more effectively and with more pleasure, which is what makes the language stick.

Variety in learning

Although a crash course is very intensive, the varied programme keeps you bright and alert. Personal interaction with the trainer is alternated with online learning on our LPOnline learning platform. The online training materials are also specially selected for you. And did you know that you have access to LPOnline for a year after your course? This means you can continue to practise and gain even more long-term benefit from your course.

Do you prefer learning online?

Would you like to learn a language quickly yet solely online? That is possible with an intensive training course. Sessions take place with a trainer via a virtual classroom

An online intensive language training course can be done in just one week. Alternatively, we also offer an online semi-intensive two-week programme. This is split up into half days which means you spend less time behind a screen, leaving more time for other activities. We are more than happy to make a schedule which is suitable for you.

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