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Business (Brazilian) Portugese

Need to learn good Portuguese for doing business in Portugal or Brazil? If so, take language training from Language Partners. Our teachers speak both Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese and specialise in business language training.

We go further than just teaching Portuguese words and grammar: the curriculum includes learning about the specific jargon required for your sector, but also involves learning about presentations and negotiation and how to make a telephone call in Portuguese or write business correspondence by letter or e-mail. You will become familiar with Portuguese or Brazilian culture, and learning will be enjoyable. The result? If you are about to do business with Rio de Janeiro, Lisbon or Sấo Paulo, you will know how to succeed and achieve your goals!

Tailor-made course, in-house or in-company
Face-to-face or blended learning
Length of training to be agreed - also available as intensive crash course
Available as individual or group course
The costs depend on the length and format of the training

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Why Language Partners?

  • 100% tailor-made
  • Learning with maximum result
  • Offline, online or blended learning
  • Knowledge of your sector
  • Cross-border service

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