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Business Spanish

Some 400 million people speak Spanish. Taking a Spanish language course is therefore a good investment. Both South and Central America have been booming for years, and doing business with Spain is also still growing. Learning Spanish is popular. The native speaker trainers at Language Partners were taught Spanish from an early age. They will quickly familiarise you with Spanish grammar and work on your vocabulary.

Tailor-made course, in-house or in-company
Face-to-face or blended learning
Length of training to be agreed - also available as intensive crash course
Available as individual or group course
The costs depend on the length and format of the training

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Waarom Language Partners?

  • Trainingen op maat
  • Online, offline of blended learning
  • Leren op een manier die bij u past
  • Kennis van uw branche
  • Trainers opgeleid aan de Language Partners Academy
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