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Our approach

Customer satisfaction is foremost at Language Partners. Everything we do should ‘Always be a Pleasure’. This applies from initial contact up to and including the final evaluation. Our approach is therefore transparent and above all highly efficient. In principle, every client has a designated point of contact: the account manager. This person plans the intake, gives you advice and implements planning. In short, the account manager arranges everything for you. From beginning to end.

A thorough intake procedure

After initial contact has been made with Language Partners, an account manager arranges an appointment with you for an intake interview. During the interview, the following matters are discussed:

  • What is your intended goal and level?
  • Do you have specific wishes with regard to the training?
  • Which communication skills would you like to train for and in what professional context?
  • What is your learning style?

All such requirements are then mapped out according to certain standard procedures.

An on-line adaptive language test as standard

The second part of the intake comprises an interview in the target language and an on-line adaptive language test (often in combination with a special questionnaire). In this way, we can establish your starting level objectively, based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. If writing skills is a specific focus area, we also ask you to complete a written assignment.

The registration procedure

Based on all of this information, Language Partners conducts a needs analysis and provides suitable training advice. This is summarised in a brief and well-ordered intake report. Assuming that you are satisfied with our advice, actual registration can then take place. We make agreements about:

  • Location: in-company or at one of our branches/training locations (or abroad)
  • Planning: flexible (spread sessions) or intensive (‘immersion programme’) or a combination
  • Number of students: one-to-one training or group training (max. eight students)
  • Training format: language coaching, customised training, open group training, workshops
  • Language Partners On-line: face-to-face training or Blended Learning

Language Partners records all agreements in a well-ordered proposal. If you are in agreement, the language training can then begin.

Interim and final evaluations

Quality is uppermost at Language Partners. Therefore, we regularly check whether the training fulfils your expectations. We do this half-way through and at the end of the training by means of a short on-line questionnaire. At the end of the training, the client receives the student evaluations on-line, as well as a final report compiled by the trainer(s) describing the progress of the training and other aspects, including attendance, effort and progress.

Certificate and aftercare

The final report also contains advice about keeping your language skills up to par. With sufficient attendance, you also receive a certificate of participation. Several months after the training, we contact you to ask whether the training has produced the desired results in day-to-day practice.

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