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The Refresher

Optimal training results

Every Blended Learning training now contains the Refresher which enables participants to maintain their acquired knowledge of grammatical form and rule knowledge, plus revise newly learnt vocabulary. This post-course revision maximises training results.

Repetition: Owning your knowledge

Revising lesson material keeps knowledge fresh and active. Notification for revision will remind you of any programme components which might have become vague. Result: repetitive practice retains knowledge.

refresher - blended learning

1. Learning language with Language Partners Online

Blended Learning supports your face-to-face trainings by supplementing structures, rules or vocabulary learnt in class with extra practice. The layout enables module hopping for those ahead in the syllabus or repeated practice with more difficult modules if necessary. Thus, participants are independent to choose their learning path.

Refresher 2 blended learning

2. Extra practice based on results

Selected items based on outcomes of weaker areas will target areas that require extra revision or practice after the course.

Refresher 3 blended learning

3. Weekly notifications to strengthen weaknesses

The Refresher software calculates when certain topics should be revised. Specially selected platform exercises are gathered for 7 months after the training.

Pre-course, during lessons and post-course practice

Online learning supports independent learning and enables you to put in the effort when your private and working life allows it. Pre-course e-learning whets your appetite and post-course Refresher keeps you actively involved in the process of knowledge building.

Leercurve Refresher

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