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Our vision for learning

As a training institute, we constantly ask ourselves the question: How do you teach a student (language) skills most efficiently? Studies show that learning by interacting with fellow students and putting skills into practice is the most effective. This therefore forms the basis of our learning concept.


Our learning concept is based on the idea that learning is an active and social process; this is known as social constructivist learning. In short, you learn most through social interaction. Putting new knowledge and skills into practice is essential.

Together, ‘learning with others’ and ‘learning in practice’ form the most important part of our learning experience. Charles Jennings introduced this in his 70:20:10 model:

  • 70% is learned through doing on-the-job;
  • 20% is learned through social interaction, e.g. conversing with others or coaching;
  • 10% is learned through formal training.

However, this first 90% is not reflected in many training courses. Often the focus is on ‘formal learning’ in a classroom and acquiring knowledge from a book or through e-learning. At Language Partners, we are changing this. Learning in practice and through social interaction occupies an important place in our training courses.

Social learning

We have designed our Social Learning platform to stimulate and guide social interaction during the learning process. Social learning – learning from and with others – plays an important role in training courses on our platform. This includes, for example, receiving and giving feedback and sharing practical experiences with fellow students. The latter is an important part of the training: we encourage you to put skills straight into practice on the work floor with practical assignments.

Building up knowledge by interacting with others and putting it straight into practice leads to demonstrably better retention. This way of learning online with a large social component is unique in the training world.

The student is central

In traditional training, it is the trainer who generally determines what the training looks like. With us, the student is central. You determine the pace of the training and choose what you spend the most time on. After all, everyone has different needs and learns in a different way. For optimal results, we therefore combine various forms of learning: e-learning, lessons with a trainer and social learning.

How does this work exactly? Take a look at the animation:


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