5 reasons to learn English

The omnipresence of English is hard to ignore. 510 million people around the world currently use it to communicate daily. If you have previously followed an English language course, you might have encountered some difficulty or felt discouraged by its many complexities. Despite any frustration involved with harnessing this powerful language, there is no doubt that English is a language worth perfecting.

1. More opportunity

There are approximately 340 million people worldwide who speak English at a native level. Sharing the same language as this diverse group significantly increases your chances of making new friends, growing your professional network and even finding love. This is the language that truly opens up doors to opportunity, both personally and professionally.

2. The language of business

English is the dominating language of numerous professional industries: science, technology, aviation, tourism and media, to name a few. Having a strong command of the English language immediately increases your employability and job prospects in at least five major fields of business and dozens of multi-national companies worldwide. You will certainly be in a much stronger position to apply for jobs overseas if you’ve reached a good level of fluency in English.

3. Travel and study abroad

There are 53 English-speaking countries around the world where you can seek professional English training. This means that you literally have the world at your feet in terms of choosing which country to study in. Asides from fine-tuning your English skills, you will gain the opportunity of exposing yourself to different cultures in a native-speaking environment. Even in countries where English is not the first language, it is often used as the lingua franca so you can chat with the locals wherever you are.

4. Wider access to knowledge

Learning English will give you access to a wide range of literature written by some of the world’s most famous writers. Nowadays you can find fairly decent translations of most classics, but the best way to appreciate a written piece fully is by reading it in its original language. The ever-growing influence of the Internet allows you to uncover a wealthier archive of knowledge, where 55% of online content is written in English.

5. Intellectual challenge

English is undoubtedly one of the more difficult languages to master. It is full of nuances, unexpected pronunciation and odd rules accompanied by surprising exceptions, which differ from country to country. It takes a great amount of dedication and motivation to reach a high level of fluency. Luckily, learning English will give you the best return for your effort; you will encounter plenty of opportunity to practice and put it to good use along the way.

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AlmaAbout the author

Alma Omerovic is an English language trainer and writer from Canada. She is passionate about education, exploring new cultures, and creative collaboration.

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