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Language Partners works with the Language Partners Online virtual learning environment. On this platform, you can learn a language using the method you find like the best, wherever and whenever you want. But these are not the only benefits of learning a language with the help of Language Partners Online.

Language Partners is available whenever you are. And, you are not stuck carrying around folders, papers and books—your language trainer places all of your lesson materials online, ready for use on the platform. All of this online material is tailored to your level and personal learning goals.

You can ask your language trainer questions about the learning material online using the messages and chat functions in the Language Partners Online platform. It is also possible to contact your classmates using the online forum. In addition to that, Language Partners Online offers you the opportunity to monitor your own learning process with a progress bar and with the chance to earn badges.

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It is possible to learn a language online only (e-learning), but you can also take advantage of the benefits of online learning in combination with face-to-face sessions (blended learning). Anything is possible. On the basis of a personal intake interview and a learning style test, we are happy to give you customized training recommendations.

New on Language Partners Online: The Refresher!

Blended learning

The blended learning training format alternates face-to-face sessions with online activities at Language Partners Online.

Blended learning is the right language training format for you if you:

  • want variation between personal interaction with a language trainer and the convenience of learning a language online;
  • want to learn a language using innovative tools and not just books;
  • want to manage your time efficiently;
  • want to take advantage of the language training for a longer period of time. You have access to Language Partners Online for one full year.

e-learning2The variation between online and face-to-face results in greater focus on the skills you want to work on. The face-to-face sessions are usually optimized for speaking and listening. The trainer can then provide you with immediate feedback. During the online sessions, you can work independently on your vocabulary and on your insight into forms, structures and language rules. The trainer monitors the progress of the student via Language Partners Online and gives direct feedback online. This way the platform becomes an integral component of the language training, and this ensures optimal learning outcomes.

Virtual classroom
Even if you are abroad, for example on a business trip, you can simply continue your language training. As a matter of fact, Language Partners Online is open for business 24/7. And, Language Partners Online has its own virtual classroom, so there’s no need to miss your face-to-face sessions either.

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E-learning is the right type of language training for you if you:

  • prefer self-study;
  • want the option to learn a language 24/7;
  • want to take advantage of the language training for a longer period of time. You have access to Language Partners Online for one whole year;
  • want to refresh or improve your knowledge of a language or want to use the e-learning method as preparation for a higher level language training.

Language Partners offers an English e-learning programme at three levels.

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As an e-learning student with Language Partners Online, you receive exercises based on the skills and themes of your choice. These exercises are all adapted to your level and to your field. The platform generates automatic – but personal – feedback.

Your starting level is determined using an online test. Based on this test and on your personal learning objectives (skills and themes), the appropriate e-learning package is put together for you.

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Custom packages
Would you, as an employer, like to utilize e-learning for a specific learning objective? That’s no problem with Language Partners! In the past we have developed a customized, online, German-language course which was specifically oriented to communication with German-speaking colleagues in the border region.

Van Dale Taalsnacks

Mastery of Dutch, served up – bite-sized – in your inbox

Van Dale TaalsnackVan Dale Taalsnacks (Language Snacks) are online language exercises for the purpose of freshening up your knowledge of Dutch. The snacks are served up every week in your inbox. Each snack explains a rule of grammar in a light and accessible way, and then you are presented with the chance to practice further.

These snacks are available any time. An online practice session takes about 15 minutes. Exercises are repeated until you have mastered that specific grammar rule. Questions that have been answered incorrectly are presented more frequently, so that individual problem areas receive greater attention. After 15 weeks, all of the grammar rules that have been presented are presented once more in a final test. The Van Dale Taalsnacks are also the perfect supplement to the Van Dale Taaltraining Correct Nederlands.

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You can also order Van Dale Taalsnacks for an entire department. For more information, contact our project coordinators.