Quickly test the language skills of your staff

How do you test whether a candidate really has a good command of English, French or German? How good are their writing and speaking skills in Dutch? These are questions that HR managers often ask during application procedures.
Language Partners offers different types of language testing, which allow you to establish the language skills of your applicants or staff accurately and objectively. These tests are also suitable for determining your own level in preparation for language training. All of the language tests express the results in terms of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF).

On-line adaptive language test

This language test makes use of an ‘adaptive system’. All candidates start at an appropriate level: beginners or advanced. During the test, the system selects new questions based on whether the previous questions have been answered correctly. In this way the degree of difficulty is raised or lowered accordingly.

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Cambridge exams

Nowadays employers require irrefutable evidence of quality.
Cambridge University language exams are the new global standard. They are the ISO 9000 for command of the English language. Today they are preferred, but it is expected that they will be required in a few years time.

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