The ideal test to quickly measure language skills

Language Partners adaptive language is ‘on-line’. It has many advantages, especially for HR managers and  consultants. Two knowledge components are tested: 

  • Structural knowledge of the language: sentence structure, word order, use of tenses and the conjugation of verbs.
  • Business vocabulary


The test makes use of an ‘adaptive system’. All candidates start at an appropriate level. During the test, the system selects new questions based on whether or not the previous answers given were correct. In this way the degree of difficulty is either raised or lowered. As a result, the knowledge level of the candidates can be determined very accurately. With this one test programme, anyone’s language skills can be tested, be they high level or low.

A licence from €40.00

The adaptive language test, which takes about 20 minutes, offers many advantages to any HR department:

  • Saves your company a lot of time
  • Objective testing, using international standards
  • Each test is unique, eliminating the risk of fraud
  • Available for English, French, German and Dutch
  • In your own house style, 24/7, anywhere

Your company can have a license for as little as  €40.00. Thinking of buying more than fifty licences? We would be  happy to make you an attractive offer!