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Imagine you have a contract, manual, letter or website, and you need it translated. Well then, at Language Partners you have come to the right address! Because for translations, we have formed a partnership with ElaN Languages, a Belgian translation agency with 25 years on the commercial odometer and extensive experience in the Benelux. In fact, ElaN Languages was the first translation agency in the Benelux to earn the EN 15038 European Quality Standard for translation agencies. Each year we take care of more than 30,000 translations (good for more than 50 million translated words). This cooperation with ElaN Languages puts a network of 2000 freelance translators at our disposal. That means we always have the perfect specialist to handle your project. There is no language, specialism or sector that we don’t feel comfortable with. Every one of our translators is a native speaker. So your translations are guaranteed to be of the highest quality, thanks in part to the 18 in-house revisers who systematically check all of the translated texts.

The cornerstones of our commitment to you:

  1. optimal service;
  2. excellent quality;
  3. expert advice;
  4. rapid turnaround.

Advice tailored to you

Have some questions about how to handle a translation project from A to Z? We are happy to provide expert advice about the entire course of your translation assignment. That includes professional advice in the areas of sworn translations, apostilles and legalisations. You can reach us at 020-2613875 or at

From request to delivery

Professional approach

When we receive a translation request, we consider the following points:
1. Into which language or languages must the text be translated?
2. What is the subject matter?
3. How many words does the document contain?
4. Is a sworn translation necessary?
5. When must it be delivered?

Based on the answers to these questions, you will receive a quotation from us, without obligation, within two hours. As soon as we receive your go-ahead, we begin the translation process. Together with you, we decide on a delivery date so you know when to expect the translation. For sworn translations, we arrange delivery of the documents by post or by courier, depending on your wishes.

Personal translation zone

Especially for you, our customers, we have an online MyTranslation customer portal. This is your personal translation zone on the ElaN Languages website.


  1. You create and order your translation projects yourself.
  2. You follow the status of your translation projects in real time.
  3. You make a list of your preferred and specialist terms using the terminology tool.
  4. You consult the translations in your archive.
  5. You provide direct feedback on all your translations.
  6. You can do all this whenever it is convenient for you and with full access to your expenditures and budget.

Your translations are stored in MyTranslation. In the future, when more translations are ordered, these documents are automatically retrieved.

Feedback is very welcome, certainly at the beginning of any new collaboration. That way you are sure that your own terminology is being used consistently.

The highest quality requirements

To us, quality is of paramount importance. That is why we work exclusively with native speakers who have extensive translation experience in their fields. Our translators are knowledgeable in SEO (search-engine-friendly writing), copywriting and DTP.

When we post a translation project, we ensure that only experienced specialists are offered specific assignments. For example, legal translators are only assigned legal texts, and translators specialising in gastronomy are assigned menu translations.


Feedback is another important element in the safeguarding of quality. Should the translator have specific questions during the translation process, we will always submit these to you. This approach ensures that the final translation meets your requirements and your aspirations.

Independent revisers

The final translation is always checked by a second translator. This second translator, usually one of our 18 revisers, is independent and approaches the translation from a neutral point of view. He or she can correct any errors that may be found. After being approved by the independent reviser, the translation is submitted to you.


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Quotation without obligation

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