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Financial English

Is it ‘increased with 20%’ or ‘increased by 20%’? Do you know the difference between amortisation and depreciation? Small mistakes like this can really stand out in the financial environment.

Whether you are book-keeping for a small company or liaising with European Regulators, financial English is bound to be a factor in your work, and the amount of business done in English is ever increasing. A correct and sophisticated grasp of financial English is essential if you want to see your career soar to new heights.

Tailor-made course, in-house or in-company
Face-to-face, e-learning or blended learning
Length of training to be agreed - also available as intensive crash course
Available as individual or group course
The costs depend on the length and format of the training


Financial English is a tailor-made training course. Each trainer draws on the individual learner’s work and professional aspirations to make the course as relevant and appealing as possible.

The financial sector

A financial or banking English course is suitable for anyone who works in the financial sector and needs to communicate in English with clients or colleagues.

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