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Training sessions in our virtual classroom

Owing to measures advised by the government, training sessions cannot take place in the way in which many people are accustomed: with trainer and student(s) together in one room. Fortunately, we are able to offer a good alternative in the shape of a virtual classroom on our online learning platform LPOnline: BigBlueButton.

With BigBlueButton, the trainer can teach individual students and groups ‘live’, without sacrificing training quality. The tool offers many ways to allow lessons to progress effectively.

Students can participate in a training session using their webcam. Trainers can share realtime audio, video or presentations and make notes on a whiteboard. Also, students can chat with the trainer and each other during the session, or work together in break out rooms within the tool. The online training can also be recorded so that students who have missed a session can watch it later.
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Customised sessions and e-learning

In our online training courses we alternate customised sessions in a virtual classroom with e-learning. The trainer who works with you during the virtual classroom sessions will develop online exercises for you that match your learning requirements.

On our platform you will be working – whenever it suits you – on your vocabulary and grammar. As you will be learning the grammar independently online, the time in the virtual classroom sessions can be used for optimal interactive practice. The platform forms an integral part of your online language training, allowing optimal results!

All of our courses are available via the virtual classroom. See our courses or contact us to request a custom quote.

E-learning business English

Would you rather work independently on improving your language skills then online with a trainer? Take our online English course: a unique tailor-made e-learning programme. You can put together your own personal package so our English e-learning is always focused on your level, learning goals and business.

What does e-learning include?

Our online English course consists of a combination of grammar, vocabulary and work with a specific skill. It is focused on your selected business area. For instance, if you work in HR and want to work on writing emails in English, you will receive HR-related online exercises to help you achieve this goal.

The online language course takes approximately 10 hours to complete. You will receive a certificate  upon completion.

When to choose online learning

Our online English course is suitable for refreshing your language knowledge and improving specific language skills. Want to retain your knowledge or refresh it after completing a language training course? You can also use our e-learning to work on this.

The advantages:

  • Learn flexibly and fully online
  • Refresh your language knowledge quickly
  • Learn effectively with tailored lesson material

3 building blocks

Your online course is made up of three elements. We start by determining your starting level. To do this you first take an online test. E-learning is available at three levels:

  • Lower Intermediate (A2/B1)
  • Intermediate (B1/B2)
  • Upper Intermediate (B2/C1)

You then select a business area as the focus of your e-learning. You can choose one of the following:

  • general business English
  • office management
  • finance
  • HR
  • legal
  • energy

Finally you choose one of the following three skills:

  • email writing
  • business writing
  • meetings, negotiations and cultural awareness

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