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The Fluency Gap: combining language, intercultural communication and DEI to create business advantage

30 November 2022 by Andrea Kneppers
Is the working language at your work not your mother tongue? If so, you may sometimes run into a ‘fluency gap’, a situation where you find you are (just) not fluent enough in the language. This may mean that you cannot explain your ideas or express yourself well enough. A...

How To Work With The Dutch? Webinar 8 December 2022

9 November 2022 by Andrea Kneppers
How to work with the Dutch? Working with the Dutch can be confusing. Are they being rude, or just direct? What about the Dutch ‘flat hierarchy’, which sometimes appears to be not so flat at all? And how does the Dutch decision-making process (The Polder Model) work, where everyone is...

Best Practices – Language

1 November 2022 by Paul Van Zanten
Learning a language is a process that takes time and determination. Motivation and drive to do so can fluctuate. With that in mind, we’ve come up with some tips to help you get the most out of your efforts. Before your course: Start engaging with your target language. Music, movies,...
Intercultural Communication

Best Practices – Intercultural Communication

25 October 2022 by Paul Van Zanten
Behavioural change doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, effort and engagement. With that in mind, we’ve written out some tips to help you get the most out of our Intercultural Communication training.  Before your training: Before the start of your course it’s helpful to start engaging with the topic. Keep...

The nuanced impact of fluency gaps in multicultural organisations

3 October 2022 by Paul Van Zanten
Language fluency is a term used to indicate a person’s ability with a language. More specifically, to be fluent is to be easily understood and able to express oneself fully. It has become more common than ever before to encounter people from various backgrounds and with various language skills, in...
Case Study

Case Study Ministry of Defense

15 August 2022 by Andrea Kneppers
What was the challenge? The buyers and lawyers of the Ministry of Defense communicate a lot about different contracts. This happens worldwide, and is often in English. Because these are serious conversations, especially negotiations, they would like to improve their legal English. This is why the Ministry of Defence came...

The difference between a boss and a leader

2 August 2022 by Paul Van Zanten
There is a common cliché that says: people don’t quit a job, they quit their boss. While the statistics on this fluctuate, the idea remains true. People want to work for an organisation which treats them equally and inspires them to be their best. Empowering managers who have high employee...

Intercultural or Intracultural, Multicultural or Cross-culture? What’s the difference?

by Paul Van Zanten
As more and more is being written about various cultures and working amongst them, there are certain words and phrases that keep popping up quite often. Terms such as multicultural communication and cross cultural communication and intercultural communication are used almost interchangeably. Is there a difference? If so, what is...

Dutchisms, Dunglish & Denglish

1 August 2022 by Paul Van Zanten
“During 32 years I was employed by Heineken, for many years responsible for the Asia Pacific. During most of those years I either travelled fifty percent of my time or lived and worked in the outside country.” What you’ve just read is the ‘Before Word’ from the book I Always...

How to Study

by Paul Van Zanten
When learning a new language, or anything new really, there are certain thought patterns that can reduce brain drain while making your efforts more efficient. Knowing how to learn and study is just as important as knowing how not to learn or study. Here are some tips and tricks to...

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