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Dutch as a second language

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Language Skills at Home

20 April 2020 by Michelle Runyon
If I could count the number of times I have wished for more hours in a day to do the things I always procrastinate, I would be a millionaire in quarantine with a list of chores. We are amid a radical change in how we work, study and manage our...

Online training in our virtual classroom

24 March 2020 by Language Partners
The entire Netherlands is now dealing with the effects of the corona virus. It is a far-reaching situation which is having a huge impact on people and organisations. The country-wide measures being taken also have consequences for any language training courses you have planned or wished to plan. Training sessions...
Dutch as a second language

What’s up with ‘er’?

17 February 2020 by Vika Lukina
“Today we’re going to talk about everyone’s favourite word.” If I start my lesson with these words, most students know what’s coming. “Does anyone happen to know what that word is?” The response to this question is usually nervous shuffling, eye-rolling and deep sighs, but eventually someone always says “er…”....
Dutch as a second language

Natural Dutch | Speaking like a native

by Vika Lukina
What does mastering a language actually involve? Chances are that on reading that question you’re thinking about correct use of grammar and an extensive vocabulary. That’s certainly true, words and grammar rules are the building blocks of language, but to master a language you also need to be able to...

How to use conditionals and negotiate like a pro

3 February 2020 by Alma Bonger
We are all negotiators, whether we know it or not. Asking for a raise, selecting a restaurant for lunch or bargaining with your child are several examples of negotiation we engage in regularly. However, while negotiations are daily practice, the appropriate language used for effective bargaining doesn’t come easily for...

How to use prepositions of time in English

7 October 2019 by Alma Bonger
Prepositions can be a recurring nightmare for English language learners; there are about 150 prepositions in the English language and they are more often used than other individual words.

The magic in stringing together adjectives

25 July 2019 by Alma Bonger
Arranging words in the right order If you think you know everything there is to know about the English language – think again! This article will introduce a binding rule of English syntax (i.e. the arrangement of words and phrases in a sentence)

Telephoning in English: Dutch interference and key phrases

23 May 2019 by Alma Bonger
Making and taking telephone calls in your second language can be a daunting task, especially when a call catches you by surprise. We’ve all been there; stammering, searching for words, awkward silences, and even opting to write an email just to avoid all of the above.

How to deliver a presentation in English

14 March 2019 by Alma Bonger
Mastering the art of presenting takes time and practice. Nobody is born with natural presentation skills and even the best orators, such as Cicero, Martin Luther King, Steve Jobs, and Barack Obama, had many years of practice before they became excellent public speakers.

Common idioms in the workplace

3 January 2019 by Alma Bonger
Idioms are phrases used as a form of expression which appear natural to a language, person or group of people. They are not easily explained using grammar rules and cannot be easily understood by defining the individual words (e.g. when we say it’s raining cats and dogs, there will be...

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