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Legal English

Professional English Writing Skills in the Legal Sector

8 February 2024 by Robyn Goodman
How many of us sit behind screens, talking as we write, forgetting that writing is a completely different skill to speaking? Verbal speech allows for pauses and even has vocabulary for it.  Writing though, should be the result of summarised thought put into a clear-cut content driven message, not spoken...
Legal English

Active Legal English Skills

25 January 2024 by Robyn Goodman
You read all documentation in English, wrote the English emails and now suddenly face-to-face, you’re mumbling as words evade you. Racing through short term memory for exact jargon, the Dutch version dominates and you succumb to internal pressure. Unexplainably, your thought screen is now broadcasting even the French or German...

Tips for better communication across cultures

14 December 2023 by Language Partners
In an international team it’s important to make sure everyone in the company speaks the common language comfortably. But a common language is just the first step. How do you deal with a team that consists mostly of non-native speakers, and what if there is a variety of cultures involved...

The Crucial Role of Effective Communication – A Whitepaper

7 December 2023 by Paul Van Zanten
In the changing world we live in, adaptability is key. This whitepaper is your guide through the evolving business landscape, highlighting essential skills for success in multicultural environments. We’ll discuss how effective communication plays a key part in international business succes. Impact of Trends: AI, Economic Shifts, and Work-Life Balance...

December Holidays Around the World

5 December 2023 by Language Partners
For many cultures, December is a time for celebrations. Unknown to most of us there is a vibrant mix of cultural, religious, and regional celebrations across the world, all of which happen in December. This month offers so many of us a moment to take part in traditions which reflect...

The Future of International Business: Webinar Recordings

30 November 2023 by Language Partners
It’s a wrap! Our webinar series on the future of international business is finished. In four episodes, we’ve delved into the changing labour market and its impact on HR trends, team diversity, and workplace cultures. We’ve explored crafting inclusive cultures where every teammember can excel. What must organisations do to...

The one thing that’s forgotten when recruiting internationally

28 November 2023 by Paul Van Zanten
In the dynamic landscape of today’s global workforce, the quest for top talent often goes beyond geographical borders. We recently collaborated with a multinational organisation based in the Netherlands that faced a common challenge—after expanding their talent search globally, they discovered that success in international recruitment did not guarantee a...
Intercultural Communication

12 tips to improve your intercultural communication

7 November 2023 by Language Partners
Recently we hosted a webinar called Intercultural competence is an essential skill for the future. During the webinar, three of our intercultural consultants shared an experience that stuck with them. From supporting leaders in cultivating their diverse teams, guiding expats in a new culture, to overcoming miscommunication and frustration within...

11 words that don’t translate to English

24 October 2023 by Paul Van Zanten
Language is a powerful tool that allows us to communicate with each other. From expressing emotions to sharing laughter and joy, we rely heavily on our linguistic abilities. Language is so impactful that it even influences the way we see the world. Having a common language is often enough to...

DEI buzzwords are nothing without intercultural competence

2 October 2023 by Paul Van Zanten
In today’s professional landscape, DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusive culture) buzzwords are everywhere. These terms are linked with training and development programs that aim to foster a workforce that embodies each of these three themes. While the intention behind these initiatives is great, the efforts often fall short, as they...

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