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Sunny 2024 summer offerings – short workshops

3 June 2024 by Andrea Kneppers
The sun is shining, the days are getting longer and the vacation jitters are palpable – summer is coming! At Language Partners, we understand how important it is to enjoy this season to the fullest. Therefore, we have put together a special summer offer with various workshops that you don’t...
Intercultural Communication

Workshop ‘Working with the Polish’ – Agnieszka Kowalska, Protix

28 March 2024 by Andrea Kneppers
Agnieszka Kowalska is a Project Developer at Protix, where she serves as the primary liaison between diverse teams and project management, ensuring clear communication and alignment on project requirements. Originally from Poland, Agnieszka now works and lives in the Netherlands. With about 25 colleagues, she attended a “Working with the...

Online Workshop Cultural Conversations® | European Diversity Month 2024

14 March 2024 by Language Partners
Throughout Europe, May is celebrated as European Diversity Month. During this period, organizations and businesses across the EU are encouraged to reflect on the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. How do you celebrate European Diversity Month within your organization? At Language Partners, we support organizations by training...
Diversity & Inclusion

Celebrate Diversity Month 2024 with us!

by Language Partners
In May, businesses and organisations across Europe reflect on the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace during European Diversity Month. We support organisations by training and developing the intercultural competencies of employees, managers, and HR personnel. Our aim is to facilitate effective communication, mutual understanding, and successful collaboration....

Webinar 21-3: Meetings in English: Essential Skills & Cultural Insights

27 February 2024 by Language Partners
For those working in an international environment, it’s inevitable: conducting meetings in English, or perhaps even chairing a meeting in English. How do you approach it? What standard phrases can you use, and what etiquette rules should you adhere to in an international meeting? For everyone who occasionally needs to...
Legal English

Professional English Writing Skills in the Legal Sector

8 February 2024 by Robyn Goodman
How many of us sit behind screens, talking as we write, forgetting that writing is a completely different skill to speaking? Verbal speech allows for pauses and even has vocabulary for it.  Writing though, should be the result of summarised thought put into a clear-cut content driven message, not spoken...
Legal English

Active Legal English Skills

25 January 2024 by Robyn Goodman
You read all documentation in English, wrote the English emails and now suddenly face-to-face, you’re mumbling as words evade you. Racing through short term memory for exact jargon, the Dutch version dominates and you succumb to internal pressure. Unexplainably, your thought screen is now broadcasting even the French or German...

Tips for better communication across cultures

14 December 2023 by Language Partners
In an international team it’s important to make sure everyone in the company speaks the common language comfortably. But a common language is just the first step. How do you deal with a team that consists mostly of non-native speakers, and what if there is a variety of cultures involved...

The Crucial Role of Effective Communication – A Whitepaper

7 December 2023 by Paul Van Zanten
In the changing world we live in, adaptability is key. This whitepaper is your guide through the evolving business landscape, highlighting essential skills for success in multicultural environments. We’ll discuss how effective communication plays a key part in international business succes. Impact of Trends: AI, Economic Shifts, and Work-Life Balance...

December Holidays Around the World

5 December 2023 by Language Partners
For many cultures, December is a time for celebrations. Unknown to most of us there is a vibrant mix of cultural, religious, and regional celebrations across the world, all of which happen in December. This month offers so many of us a moment to take part in traditions which reflect...

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