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Everyone has their own learning style. Moreover, each learning objective requires an appropriate approach. That is why we explore which form of training best suits your wishes with you. The training forms below are suitable for both individual students and groups. We create groups based on language level, job background and learning objectives.

Learning with an online platform

Taking a training course in English or Dutch as a second language and want to learn (partially) online? Then you’ll be taking the training using our Social Learning platform. Different forms of learning are combined on this online learning platform.

A training course on our platform consists of three components:

  1. E-learning at your own pace
  2. Lessons with a trainer
  3. Social learning: learning from fellow learners and from a mentor

An important part of this training is social learning: learning through interaction with others, such as colleagues, fellow students or a mentor. This is partly done in your own working environment. In this way you put new skills directly into practice. You then share practical assignments and experiences on the online platform. You receive feedback here from fellow course participants and experts, and give your feedback to them on their cases.

The combination of learning forms makes the learning process more effective and places more emphasis on the skills you use in practice. In this way, you will develop yourself into a successful discussion partner in an international working environment.

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Entirely face-to-face

A face-to-face training course consists entirely of sessions with a trainer. You do not use e-learning on our online learning platform. On average, a face-to-face training course consists of 30 training hours spread over 15 two-hour lessons.

Face-to-face training is also tailor-made, both in terms of content, and of scheduling and location. We plan the sessions with you with the location, day and time of your preference. In-company at your office, at our location or in the virtual classroom.

Intensive training

Want to boost your language skills quickly? With an intensive language course you will spend a full working week (Monday to Friday) learning a language. You will work one-to-one with the trainer on your goals in the virtual classroom or at our training locations in Amsterdam or Rotterdam.

By immersing yourself in learning the language for a week, you will quickly make noticeable steps. The training programme for an intensive language course is tailor-made for you. Intensive training courses are always a form of blended learning: sessions with the trainer alternate with independent learning on our online platform.

Want to train entirely online? Then we also offer a two-week semi-intensive course. We divide the training into half-days so you spend less time in front of a screen and have enough space for other activities. We will be happy to make an appropriate schedule with you.


Want to learn completely independently, without a trainer or mentor? That is possible with our Business English e-learning course. This is a unique, tailor-made e-learning programme where you put together your own personal package. This compact e-learning course takes approx.10 hours and is suitable for refreshing your language knowledge or improving specific skills.

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