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Our approach

Customisation is our speciality. This means that we design each training course based on your wishes and personal or business objectives. We determine the training form, duration, location and content together with you. 

Individual or in a group

We offer both individual and group training. Group training is always on request, e.g. for a group of colleagues or a department. With you, we then determine the form and content of the training, in line with your learning requirements and objectives. 

Duration and scheduling

The scheduling of your training programme is flexible. Prefer an intensive training course of one or more weeks, or a schedule spread over a longer period? In the latter case, the training will take an average of 10 – 15 weeks, but longer or shorter courses are of course always possible. We will be happy to advise you on a course of training that meets your objectives. 

In the virtual classroom, on location or in-company

You choose the location of the training. Prefer to have the lessons with the trainer online in the virtual classroom, at one of our locations or rather in-company? If you opt for online, the training sessions will take place in the virtual classroom on our online platform 

Online or face-to-face

For each language course you can choose whether or not to use our online platform. If you opt for (partially) online learning, you will work at your own pace to improve your skills on our platform. We always combine this with training sessions with a trainer and/or personal coaching. It is precisely this combination of these different learning forms that ensures the best results. 

The process

Relaxed from start to evaluation

Within Language Partners, you have a fixed point of contact: an account manager (for clients) or a project coordinator (for course participants). They manage the entire process and take the organisation off your hands. From the first contact to the final evaluation. 

The intake procedure

Each training course is preceded by an intake. This consists of a needs analysiswhere we map out your wishes and goals, and a writing and speaking test to determine your language level. Based on this, wthen design a training course that meets your needs. 

The advice

Based on the information from the intake phase, we offer you our training advice. Agree with this advice? Then we will set down all the agreements made in a proposalOnce approved, you can get started. 

Evaluation during and after the training

Quality is important to us. That’s why we regularly check whether the training meets your expectations, so that we can make adjustments where necessary. You will receive a short online questionnaire halfway through and another after the training. If it is a group course, the client will receive all course participants’ evaluations. 

After the training

Afterwards you will receive a final report. In this report, the trainer describes the progress per student and the final level achieved. If there is sufficient attendance, each student will receive a certificate of participation. 

And then?

After completion of the training, it is important to keep your language skills up to standard. We will provide advice on this in the final report. If you have used the online platform, the Refresher will help you with this. 

A few months after the training, we will contact you again to check whether the training has produced the results you had in mind in daily practice. Want to continue learning or need a refresher? If so, a follow-up course can soon be arranged. 

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