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Blended Learning: a mix of face-to-face and online learning

If you take a training course with us, you can choose from fully face-to-face, online or Blended Learning. Blended Learning is a form of training where face-to-face sessions with a trainer are combined with online learning on our Language Partners Online learning platform. In this way your training is both flexible and tailor-made.

The advantages of Blended Learning:

  • Flexibility– learn when and where you choose
  • Alternate between personal interaction with a trainer and online lessons
  • Use an online platform’s interactive features to help you learn a language
  • Better results in a shorter time
  • A full year’s access to Language Partners Online
  • Refresher – continue to practise after your course has ended

100% tailor-made, even online

Blended Learning courses are tailor-made. This means that the training content, including the online element, is tailored to your level, business and learning goals. Rather than standard modules, there are assignments selected especially for you. You can also use your own job-related material, e.g. presentations or written documents, using the online element to support the learning.

The Structure

During the sessions with the trainer you will be working on your speaking and listening skills. Online, you will be working – whenever it suits you – on your vocabulary and gaining insights into forms, structures and language rules. The trainer will follow your progress in Language Partners Online and give you feedback. As you will be learning the grammar independently online, the time in the face-to-face sessions can be used for optimal interactive practice. The online platform forms an integral part of your language training, allowing optimal results!

The length of the training, location of the face-to-face sessions and the schedule can all be discussed. On average, a Blended Learning training course takes between 18 and 30 hours.

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Our virtual classroom is always accessible

Are you abroad on business? Your training can still take place. Our online training environment is available anytime and anywhere. Language Partners Online also has its own virtual classroom, so lessons with the trainer can take place remotely and online.

The Refresher

A standard part of Blended Learning is the Refresher, a tool which helps you retain your knowledge by reviewing lesson material. Both during the course and afterwards, email notifications will remind you to continue practising with subjects you have not yet fully mastered. The result: greater benefit from your language course.

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