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Language Partners Academy

Our professional training for language trainers

We hold our trainers to high standards. To a large extent, it is they who determine the success of the training. That’s why we find it essential that every trainer at Language Partners not only is certified and qualified, but has practical experience in at least one sector. Furthermore, their knowledge needs to be up to date. Knowledge of the target language, naturally, but also in the areas of didactics, methodology, and business sectors. Therefore, with the Language Partners Academy, we work continuously and systematically on the advancement of our trainers’ expertise.

Permanent promotion of expertise

Our own educational institute is unique in the Netherlands. The Language Partners Academy enables language trainers to work on permanent education and personal development. At the Academy trainers can choose from numerous workshops, through which they can actualize and increase their knowledge of specific fields of study: there are workshops in the areas of didactics, methodology, and the various business sectors.

Much of the Language Partners Academy offering is also open to language trainers who don’t work for Language Partners.

Core curriculum for Language Partners trainers

Specially for our own trainers, the Academy organizes workshops related to Language Partners’ specific vision and methodology. For all our trainers, workshops on topics such as adaptive learning, Language Partners Online, and intensive training serve as a core element in the induction process.

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