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The Future of International Business: Webinar Recordings

It’s a wrap! Our webinar series on the future of international business is finished.

In four episodes, we’ve delved into the changing labour market and its impact on HR trends, team diversity, and workplace cultures. We’ve explored crafting inclusive cultures where every teammember can excel. What must organisations do to nurture such a culture? You can read a summary here.

Missed (some of) the webinars?

Don’t worry! All four episodes are available on our Youtube channel:

  1. Staying Ahead in Today’s Business World – Diversity, Recruitment & Retention.
  2. Intercultural Competence as an Essential Skill for the Future.
  3. How Culture Impacts Language – Beyond the Lingua Franca
  4. Effective Communication and Fluency Gaps – Where Language, Intercultural Competence and DEI Efforts Meet.

Navigate global collaborations with ease

In the webinars we discussed how your (cultural) background largely determines your frame of reference, and how you can encounter this in many ways, including work situations.

Equip yourself and your team to navigate global collaborations more easily. Our Intercultural Competence courses ensure heightened effectiveness and success. Act now to bridge cultural gaps and enhance team synergy.


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