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The one thing that’s forgotten when recruiting internationally

28 november 2023 door Paul Van Zanten
In the dynamic landscape of today’s global workforce, the quest for top talent often goes beyond geographical borders. We recently collaborated with a multinational organisation based in the Netherlands that faced a common challenge—after expanding their talent search globally, they discovered that success in recruitment did not guarantee a harmonious...
Intercultural Communication

12 tips to improve your intercultural communication

7 november 2023 door Language Partners
Recently we hosted a webinar called Intercultural competence is an essential skill for the future. During the webinar, three of our intercultural consultants shared an experience that stuck with them. From supporting leaders in cultivating their diverse teams, guiding expats in a new culture, to overcoming miscommunication and frustration within...

Ontdek Language Bites en leer een taal via onze podcast

31 oktober 2023 door Language Partners
Misschien heb je het al voorbij zien komen; sinds kort staat onze podcast Language Bites online! Het is een podcast voor iedereen die Engels of Nederlands leert. Je kunt luisteren naar korte afleveringen van vijf tot tien minuten, waarin verschillende onderwerpen besproken worden. Maar dat is nog niet alles! Bij...

11 words that don’t translate to English

24 oktober 2023 door Paul Van Zanten
Language is a powerful tool that allows us to communicate with each other. From expressing emotions to sharing laughter and joy, we rely heavily on our linguistic abilities. Language is so impactful that it even influences the way we see the world. Having a common language is often enough to...

DEI buzzwords are nothing without intercultural competence

2 oktober 2023 door Paul Van Zanten
In today’s professional landscape, DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusive culture) buzzwords are everywhere. These terms are linked with training and development programs that aim to foster a workforce that embodies each of these three themes. While the intention behind these initiatives is great, the efforts often fall short, as they...

Vier Diversity Month 2023 met ons!

28 september 2023 door Language Partners
In oktober vieren we Diversity Month, met 3 oktober als Diversity Day. Tijdens deze wereldwijde diversiteitsmaand worden bedrijven en organisaties over de hele wereld uitgenodigd om stil te staan bij het belang van diversiteit en inclusie op de werkvloer en in de maatschappij. Wil je met jouw organisatie stilstaan bij Diversity...

The Future of International Business: a Webinar Series

22 september 2023 door Language Partners
Combining language, intercultural competence and DEI to create business advantages. Join us this fall for a series of free webinars about the future of international business, the challenges organisations face, and how to overcome them. Sign up! Our upcoming webinars: 9 November 10:00-11:00 CET: How Culture Impacts Language – Beyond...

Magie van de taal: multi-linguïstische woorden

21 september 2023 door Language Partners
Multi-linguïstische woorden zijn woorden die in verschillende talen voorkomen. Het aantal woorden dat onvertaald word overgenomen, en dus in meerdere talen betekenis hebben, groeit. Waarom is dat? Multi-linguïstische woorden in spreektaal  Er zijn woorden die vrijwel universeel gebruikt worden zoals: “uhm,” “wow!” en “okay” of in de afgekorte vorm “o.k.”...
Intercultural Communication

Cultural Similarities and Differences within BBi Communication – How understanding each other benefits us all

5 september 2023 door Paul Van Zanten
Why is intercultural competence necessary? As you may know, Language Partners and BBi Communication merged at the start of this year. We are now an organisation that not only offers Intercultural competence training, it also has offices in four countries and colleagues from many more. Because of this, we felt...

Spanish Visa Language Requirements

29 augustus 2023 door Paul Van Zanten
Thinking of moving to Spain? Many people might say “you don’t need to learn Spanish”, but there are varying requirements to meet depending on whether you need a visa, a residence permit, or citizenship. We’ll clear that up. Do you need to speak Spanish to live in Spain? No, there...

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