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Tips for better communication across cultures

In an international team it’s important to make sure everyone in the company speaks the common language comfortably. But a common language is just the first step. How do you deal with a team that consists mostly of non-native speakers, and what if there is a variety of cultures involved as well? How do you improve your communication across cultures?

6 tips for better communication across cultures

Do you want to know how to communicate effectively across cultures? Follow these tips from one of our intercultural competence experts.

  1. Be curious about cultural differences and realize how they impact your communication.
  2. Don’t assume that your communication style is universal, nor better or worse.
  3. Develop your intercultural competence by being aware of how you are perceived.
  4. Read between the lines and ask for clarification in order to avoid miscommunication.
  5. Speak slowly. Clarify abbreviations. Be mindful of irony and idioms.
  6. Assume good intentions and enjoy your diversity!

Develop your Intercultural Competence

We strongly believe that when language & communication skills are combined with intercultural competence, the path to a sustainably inclusive organisational culture is opened. Such a culture offers a wide range of benefits for each individual and team, as well as the organisation as a whole. Curious to know more? Click here!

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