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Auteur: Andrea Kneppers


Language Partners and BBi Communication announce merger

21 December 2022 by Andrea Kneppers
Partnership with commitment to customer satisfaction, quality delivery and dedication. Today we announce the merger between Language Partners and BBi Communication. This marks the beginning of a new era for the two united companies. The merger will be the starting point of a great adventure within the fields of language...

The Fluency Gap: combining language, intercultural communication and DEI to create business advantage

30 November 2022 by Andrea Kneppers
Is the working language at your work not your mother tongue? If so, you may sometimes run into a ‘fluency gap’, a situation where you find you are (just) not fluent enough in the language. This may mean that you cannot explain your ideas or express yourself well enough. A...

How To Work With The Dutch? Webinar 8 December 2022

9 November 2022 by Andrea Kneppers
How to work with the Dutch? Working with the Dutch can be confusing. Are they being rude, or just direct? What about the Dutch ‘flat hierarchy’, which sometimes appears to be not so flat at all? And how does the Dutch decision-making process (The Polder Model) work, where everyone is...
Case Study

Case Study Ministry of Defense

15 August 2022 by Andrea Kneppers
What was the challenge? The buyers and lawyers of the Ministry of Defense communicate a lot about different contracts. This happens worldwide, and is often in English. Because these are serious conversations, especially negotiations, they would like to improve their legal English. This is why the Ministry of Defence came...

Leadership Guide: Intercultural Teams, Diversity, Equity & Inclusive Cultures – Whitepaper

21 July 2022 by Andrea Kneppers
As the world continues to become more connected and interdependent, the need for awareness, collaboration, and understanding only increases. An organisation whose executives are in the top quartile of gender diversity, is 28% more likely to financially outperform their competitors. That number only goes up when you add ethnic diversity...
Case Study

Case Study IKEA

5 July 2022 by Andrea Kneppers
Introduction IKEA is a Swedish multinational which sells a wide range of products including, among other things, ready-to-assemble furniture and accessories. Why did IKEA approach Language Partners? IKEA is committed to welcome people with a refugee background in their stores, to support them in their integration in the Dutch labour...

Webinar English vocabulary: 13 September 2022

4 July 2022 by Andrea Kneppers
Expand your English vocabulary Do you sometimes struggle to find the right words when you’re having a conversation in English? Join our next free webinar on tips and strategies to learn and expand your English vocabulary! Your vocabulary is important because it’s the basis of all languages. It’s the building...

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